Wine and Food Pairing Guide: Courtois

Courtois Wine Pairing Guide
The next feature for our wine & food pairing guides focuses on our Courtois wine. This wine is light and crisp with plenty of green apple flavors. This dry white wine has a bit higher acidity level than our Dry Creek, so it makes the perfect complement to higher-acidity foods (think tomato sauce, lemon juice over fish, or vinegarette dressings).

Right now, my favorite thing to make with the Courtois is this ginger ale spritzer. I have one of these just about every weekend! You might also like to make wine ice cubes using Courtois and your favorite fruit like I did in these patriotic wice cubes.  Courtois is excellent for soups, stews, and hearty dishes like Clyde’s Jambalaya.

What do you like to pair with Courtois?