Recipes To Cool You Off

This weekend we are experiencing real-and-true summer weather.  The soaring temperatures and humidity are sure to make you want to reach for something cold to drink, so here are a few of our favorite COLD wine cocktails!

L'herbe Royal Wine Cocktail
Our L’herbe Royale cocktail combines oranges and basil with our Sweet River White. Unusually delicious!

Freezing Grapes of Raft
Read my instructions on how to freeze and serve a bag of Grapes of Raft Sweet Pink.

Make ice cubes out of wine and berries or small pieces of fruit. We call these ‘wice cubes’ and they are a tasty way to keep any glass of your favorite wine, ice cold!

Cucumber Ginger Wine Cocktail 2
My favorite spritzer this summer has been this Cucumber Ginger Wine Cocktail. It’s so flavorful and refreshing, I just can’t seem too keep enough ginger ale on hand! For a red wine and ginger ale combo, check out this recipe instead.

Finally, who doesn’t love Sangria!?? I have two recipes available in this post that take advantage of all the delicious summer fruits that are ripe at the moment.

Stay cool this weekend!