January Live Music Recap (and Pepe Photos)

This has been a fun month of live music here in the tasting room!  Clyde suggested I bring in some local soloists for a couple of the weekends as an experiment to see whether or not we should do more things in the winter months.  Here’s a peek at what we enjoyed, plus you can visit our facebook page for a couple videos of the action too.

Adam Yount plays for a small but mighty crowd

Adam Yount played on 9th, and unfortunately it snowed for most of the morning.  None of the snow stuck to the roads, but I think most people decided to stay in and play it safe, so we didn’t bring in a big audience.  But everyone that did show up was treated to a fun and eclectic show!

Adam Yount and Chris Case of The Idea Men play a song together

Adam played lots of original tunes, and a personal favorite of mine was the ‘photoshop’ song he wrote.  Be sure to ask him to play it if you see him!  He also did a lovely version of Paradise by John Prine that Clyde liked a lot.  Adam plays in a band called The Idea Men, and one of his band-mates came out to see his show here.  They did a few songs together which was an unexpected treat.

Pepe is lulled by Adam Yount's live music

Pepe appears to be lulled into a deep musically-induced meditation by Adam’s songs.

Adam Yount plays live music while Pepe meditates

Good thing Adam finds Pepe’s antics amusing!

The crowd enjoys the live music of Tim Bond

This past weekend, we enjoyed another local – Tim Bond.  Clyde and I have been hosting him out here for many years now and always comment at how he’s grown as an artist in the time we’ve been listening.  I think his blues are the best, but he plays a wide variety of songs and styles.

Pepe and Polly like Tim Bond's live music

Pepe seemed to enjoy sitting and listening to Tim along with everyone else. Even Polly enjoyed the concert (and a few snacks….)

Guests visiting during Tim Bond's concert

We pretty much filled the entire salesroom this past weekend.  It helped that Saturday was sunny and not snowing! Several folks had a good time catching up on holiday activities and just relaxing for the afternoon.

Pepe meditates on Tim Bond's live music

Oh dear, I guess Pepe is back to his meditation. 😀

A huge thanks to all of you that came out to check out the music this past couple of weeks.  We also want to give a huge CHEERS to Adam and Tim for coming out and entertaining us so well!

Our next event is coming up on February 13 & 14.  We’ll be hosting a chocolate and wine pairing to help celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Check back this week for another post with more details on that event, or pop on over to our Events page to see what else is coming up in 2016!