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Replacing the Winery Window

March has been a month of change for us in our tasting room and office beginning with replacing that old window (see that process here) that looked into the wine garden. We plan to turn the wall between the old office and the tasting room into a tasting bar, which will give you all more space to enjoy the tasting room throughout the year.  The window was just the first step in our little transformation.

A view of the window between the old office and the tasting room

Last week, Clyde moved all the office furniture into our new office space, cleaned up a bit and repainted the office.

He also removed a section of the wall which held an old window.  Now we can stand in the tasting room and see the hilltops of Cuba through the new window.

upcoming tasting bar space

He’ll eventually open up that wall all the way across so we’ll have even more light. Here’s what it looks like on the working side of the wall where he cut out the dry wall to see what he would be dealing with for electric and support.

the carpet is out of the old office

At the end of the week, he pulled up the old carpeting in the office.  It already looked a million times better to me, since I was used to our ‘ol mess of an office space.

getting ready to install new flooring

Today he worked on fixing the creaks in the sub floor and then he laid down a new floor.

the new floor installed

Oh La La! Clyde hopes to have the counter and sinks installed on the working side of the wall this week.  Then we just have the ceiling, cutting out the wall, installing the tasting bar, and replacing the counters at the back of the room.  Oh, and a dishwasher.  Oh plus….well, I guess there are still plenty of projects before this is all finished off!

Please excuse our construction dust while Clyde works to get this all finished up. Now, has anyone seen that measuring tape?


6 Replies to “More construction photos”

  1. construction projects always seem to make things messier before they are finished.
    but things really are nice when they are complete.

    Our current work is outdoors hardscape, but it is really nice.

  2. Kate, you sure have one talented hubs. I have to pay other people to get this kind of work done. Maybe you can lend him to me for a few months!! Hee Hee! The new floor looks great. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. Thanks so much Aunt Debii….I’ll send him down as soon as he finishes up here! You’ll have the added benefit of enjoying delicious wine while you watch him work. 😀

  4. Katie-how nice that Clyde can do all this work! It looks fantastic-love the window…can’t wait to see it!

  5. We’re still in process today, but you’ll get a good idea of what we’re doing when you come by today Beverly!

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