Concert Recap: 2016 Jacques Thibaud String Trio

Jacques Thibaud Sting Trio at Peaceful Bend Vineyard's Wine Cellar Concert

Wine Cellar Concert 2016
I’m amazed that it’s already the end of June – the month flew by between the tasting room rehab, a new baby and the wine cellar concert!  We are starting to get our bearings back, and I definitely wanted to take time to share some of the highlights of the 2016 Wine Cellar Concert with you.

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_2

It’s always fun to peek in the cellar door!

 Wine Cellar Concert 2016_10
Connie and Karen had fun serving everyone up in the tasting room – and they had fun teasing each other too!

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_3
The food, provided by Cuba Lakes, was delicious! We always advertise the meal as ‘nibbles’ but Cuba Lakes went all out with plenty of hearty hors d’oeuvres and even a chocolate fountain!

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_4
Down in the ticket tent, Arts Rolla president Loretta Wallis coordinated the will call tickets and answered questions. Loretta also works for Brewer Science, the major sponsor of the Wine Cellar Concert so she was pulling double duty! Clyde and I always appreciate her enthusiastic support and cheerful disposition. She has been a tireless supporter and administrator for this event, and I can’t imagine doing this without her help.

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_5
Dinner under the tent with friends, good food, and anticipation of excellent music – what could be better on a hot night in June?!?

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_6
This year we were thrilled to have the originator of the wine cellar concert come back to the area to join us for a few days. Don & his wife Becky might have been gone for several years, but we fell right back into an easy rapor as soon as they arrived. So good to see you both!

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_7
Finally it was time for the concert to begin. Clyde joined Brewer Science employees Renee and Amy in helping people into the cellar. I believe Clyde had fun playing usher!

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_8
When the trio took the stage, the violinist, Burkhart Maiss, introduced each piece of music with a story and a bit of history. He started the concert pointing out the charcoal painting hanging behind them, done by local artist Paula Brewer, featuring the trio from last year’s concert. ‘Burky’ joked that they felt a bit self-conscience being watched over by…themselves!

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_12

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_9
Paula did a great job capturing the trio’s likenesses.

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_11
While everyone listened to the concert, I stepped outside to grab a shot looking through the cellar door. It’s nice to keep that door open so that those who want to get some fresh air can easily go outside, and still hear all the fantastic music.

Wine Cellar Concert 2016_13
One final highlight of the concert for Clyde and I personally was having family join us this year. Not only my parents, but also Julie, Mike, and wee Micah were here for the weekend. It’s fun to think that Micah’s first concert was world-class chamber music! As you can see, he found it very relaxing.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s concert! In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying our annual Sparkle Farkle tournament on Monday starting around 1pm. I’ll post more details on that event tomorrow. Plus you can find many more photos of the concert this year over on our facebook page. Cheers everyone!

Our new job: Grandparents!

brand new grandson

brand new grandson

Last week was a blur of tasting room rehab and….a baby!  If you follow us on facebook, you already know about this, but on Wednesday morning at 2:02 am, Julie & Mike had their baby boy, named Micah.  It was a long, tiring delivery, but Julie and the baby are doing well.  They are now enjoying their first days at home together.


Needless to say, Clyde and I are incredibly happy and looking forward to watching this little guy grow.  But I’ll try not to bore you with tooooo many baby pics when you come by the winery!

Tasting Room New Floor

Oh yeah, and we have a new floor in the tasting room.  That was installed on Tuesday afternoon.  It’s exciting too, but was definitely overshadowed by other things last week. 😀  Clyde is looking into a new front door today, and I’ll be working on staining trim for him to install.  So things are really moving along now.

I hope you can come check out all the new stuff around here soon. Cheers!

Live music today at 3pm

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enjoy summer at Peaceful Bend winery

Put your feet up and relax to the live music of local musician Shirley Robertson.  Her lovely mix of country, folk, originals and bluegrass will be the perfect backdrop to a lazy summer afternoon here at Peaceful Bend!  Shirley plays from 3 to 6pm, so pack a picnic, pick up a bottle of wine in the tasting room and relax with us!