Doing A Little Dreaming

Clyde has been spending time on google’s program called sketchup dreaming up the layout of a new building for production and entertainment here at Peaceful Bend.  Who knows what we’ll end up being able to do, but I thought you might like to see what our ideal building looks like at the moment:

Posted by Clyde Gill on Friday, January 6, 2017

As for layouts, here’s what we’re thinking for the top floor where the tasting room would be:

Possible new tasting room layout


And here’s the layout for the production area below the tasting room:

Possible layout for the production area

Of course, we’re still a long ways off from whether we could ever do this, but it’s good to dream, right?!?

Missouri is predicted to receive a bunch of freezing rain tomorrow and Saturday, so we are getting our chores done and hunkering down for the weekend. I hope you all are staying warm!

15 Replies to “Doing A Little Dreaming”

  1. Looks great! And you’re right, everyone needs a dream. Hoping you two can realize yours SOON! We miss your great wines and company!

  2. Looks neat. Wishing you all the best and hope to taste some of your wine again real soon. Careful with the ice!

  3. This is called setting forth an intention. You intend to build this – you will!!! We’re rooting for you here in Florida!!

  4. Thanks for the update! So glad to hear your dreams are still alive and your hopes well on their way.
    We are saving our last bottle of Forchet Renault for the happy day of your reopening!
    Don and David

  5. Thanks Don & David – we’ll look forward to seeing you again for more picnics, music, and good conversations on a new porch!

  6. looks good. dreaming is a great way to advance and “see” what your plans are. I dream a lot myself. can’t wait to see you two again. thinking of coming to see you with a quilt. but will have to wait until the warmer weather. think and pray for you often Cathy

  7. Thanks so much Cathy! I would love to see a new quilt of yours anytime. One of us is usually on the property – in or around the cottage, so if you find a warm day with nothing to do, you are more than welcome to come by.

  8. I’m so glad a I sent the box of warm stuff now that I see the bad weather you have experienced this past week. And don’t worry about family heirlooms. It’s all just stuff!!! The only reason the wool poncho is an “heirloom” is because there was never much cause to use it here in Florida so it sat in a trunk all these years. I’m glad to have found a place where it can be used. I’m looking forward to you getting your new home completed so I can clean out my closets & cupboards once again!! Hee Hee!

    Now that Mike has lost weight, we have lots of extra large clothes to jettison. Don’t know what size Clyde wears, don’t suppose he will be willing to wear Red Sox, Patriot, Celtics or Bruins T-shirts either!!

    Keep the faith, kiddos!! Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, then it’s not the end.

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