April Update


I’m so sorry we haven’t had an update for you all for way too long.  We have been moving forward, but sometimes it feels like one step forward, two steps back.  I can report that we’ve touched base with an excavator, contractor, the tax and trade bureau (for our alcohol licensing), clean up company, and insurance companies.

Each has promised to get back with us, so in the meantime we are investigating the cost of the equipment that we’ll need and trying to figure out if we’ll be able to produce anything immediately or if we should buy wine from another producer.


We’ve had a few personal issues which have slowed progress too.  Many of you had met Clyde’s mother Maxine at various events over the last couple of years.  Unfortunately, she started to really decline around Christmas, and by the end of January, we needed to put her in a nursing home.  While she stabilized for several weeks in the home, she took another fast down turn in the middle of March, and passed away on the 24th.

There will be a memorial service for her on April 17 at the Presbyterian Church in Steelville at 6pm, followed by dinner at the church.  Anyone who would like to join us celebrate her life and reminisce about time spent with her at the winery these last few years is more than welcome to do so.

To say that all this hasn’t been extremely emotional would be lying.  We’ve been pretty private this past couple of months, feeling frustrated and drained both emotionally and physically.  I don’t know how or when we’ll get out of this funk, but I know that it will happen one of these days.


Our Grandson Micah has brought us a lot of joy despite everything (as well as all the caring folks who keep in touch in with us). You can’t help but be happy when he’s around! Micah inspires us to continue to explore life and to drool.

Lots and lots of drool inspiration. 🙂

Well, time to go pull out the lawn mower and sharpen the blades. Hopefully this spring will bring a renewal for the winery, and for our hearts.  I’ll update sooner next time and hopefully have lots of progress to fill you in on.  Cheers!

12 Replies to “April Update”

  1. So so sorry for the loss of Clyde’s mom. Such a sad time for you all, but you will be back stronger than ever. Rena VAUGHN (Trish Johnsons sister)

  2. Micah looks like a darling. So sorry to hear about Clyde’s mother.
    Will keep you all in our thoughts.

    Take Care.

  3. We’re so sorry to hear about the fire and passing of Clyde’s mom. We pray that you both have the strength to plow through thsee tough times and get back to what you do best, Make wine.
    We’ll be at Gil’s cabin next week, maybe we will stop by and say hi.
    Prayers to you both
    Suresh & Liz Fernando (st.louis MO)

  4. We were so sorry to learn of the death of Maxine. It was wonderful you could keep her at home as long as you did.
    When good news comes in for the rebuild I predict you will be out of the funk and ready to work . We think of you often and keep you in our hearts .

  5. Thanks Judi – hope you two are doing well! If you find yourselves out our way, drop on in anytime.

  6. Thanks Kathy. I think Micah and Riley are about the same size now, but Micah is growing quick so it won’t stay that way too long!

  7. Sorry to learn about the loss of Clyde’s mother. Your grandson Micah is adorable. Maybe spring will make you all feel a bit better. Time for rebirth and wonderful sunshine. Take your time with the winery, make it exactly what you want. Next time we are in Steelville we will try to stop by. And if you are selling wine we may even sit and drink a glass or two. The hummingbirds are on their way!! Looking forward to a visit. Peace and prayers.

  8. So sorry to hear about Clyde’s mother; Although we never met her I am sure she was a blessing to all she came in contact with. I continue to check your updates and seeing Micah I am sure he would brighten everyone’s day! I have no doubt you and Clyde will come out of your funk and be back on top with wine glasses in hand! Looking forward to seeing you soon –

    Tom, JoAnn, Jake, Katie & Avalyn Siech (we sang to you on Pi day)

  9. Thanks so much JoAnn. We truly appreciate you reaching out and look forward to seeing you again too!

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