May Plans

Hi all!  Well I’m back this month with lots of updates and better news than I shared last month.  The first bit of good news is that cleanup of the old winery site is slated for this week.  Here’s the dumpster that’s been brought in to hold all the ashes/metal/trash from the old site.  Hard to believe it will all fit in there, but the bin folks tell us it will, so we’ll believe them for now.

Secondly, after many evenings of trying to come up with the “perfect” structure to rebuild, we finally settled on the following layout for a new building which will be located closer to the road:

So that’s the upstairs and I just have to say – did you see all those bathrooms?!!!   🙂 That’s been a big request of mine from the get-go, so I’m glad we have lots of space for that amenity now.  Clyde’s big request was a loading dock.  He’s got his wishh too, locating one just below the back deck.

A big request from you all out there was food, so we are planning on installing a kitchen and providing some type of a menu for you when we re-open.

The downstairs is laid out with the same L-shape.  The larger section below the tasting/kitchen area will be dedicated to wine making, and the section below the storage/bathroom/office spaces will be for beer making.

Yes, we hope to make our own beer once we are back up and going again!

Winery Plan
The outside will be laid out to enjoy wine-gardening since we know you guys like spending time in the great outdoors when you swing by.  A covered front porch (above) and back deck will protect you from rain. Plus, we’ll have a large patio-style winegarden on the side of the building where we can enjoy our firepits and picnic tables.  The patio and back deck will have fantastic views of the sunsets over our hay field. I’m thinking I’ll want to enjoy thoses views with you when you visit!

Unless you want to be left alone. 🙁

So when is this all going to happen?  Well, I don’t quite have that answer yet.  Currently, Gerald is finalizing the bid for us, so I’m not sure when we’ll get started on the new building, but I’ll be sure to let you know here, on Facebook, and on Instagram when we do.  Also, as we get closer, we’ll host a live facebook ‘groundbreaking’ event, so keep an eye out for that and join us online when we go live.

That’s it for now, but I’m looking forward to hearing from you AND especially to when we can get together again.  I’ll be back soon – Cheers!

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  1. OK – why only one sink in the Men’s room. Do men not wash their hands as frequently as women?

  2. It’s beautiful, so happy for you. Can’t wait to be back on the porch sipping wine. So happy for you both ??

  3. The Plans look fantastic. Except if you have a kitchen with food service will that mean our dogs won’t be able to join us? That is sometimes an issue with inspections and such. Glad that you are getting things up and running again. Been praying for you and may things continue to look up for you all.

  4. Your plans look great, it seems you guys have thought of everything! We’re looking forward to catching up with you both over a bottle of Peaceful Bend wine!!!

  5. Thanks Connie – a glass of wine, good music, and a good visit with you is definitely motivation for getting everything back up and running as quickly as possible!

  6. Thanks so much Kathy. I’m not sure yet how the pets will work as far as the indoor spaces go, but they are always welcome outdoors here. Maybe our health department will consider a Riley clause? 😀 I’ll investigate and let you know for sure.

  7. Lol – ok, I hadn’t even looked at that aspect! 😀 We’ll have to talk to the contractor about that issue before he finalizes the bathroom layout.

  8. Will there still be a wine cellar music venue and party place? The ambiance was great and the music and energy added something special to the wine.

  9. Hi Cheryl, For now we are going to focus on getting the wine production up and running, as that is our main source of income. This new salesroom will have plenty of space to hold fairly sizable indoor concerts housing from 80 to 100 people seated. Plus there will be lots of outdoor space for concerts.

    Future plans are to go back to the original building location and build a music hall. We so appreciate your interest and thanks for aksing!

  10. I was hoping to purchase some more wine while attending Spyder Jam this year. But then I heard about the fire.
    Hope y’all are up a running soon.
    John – GA

  11. Thanks John, and I’m sorry we missed you. We started today on the new building, so be sure to include a visit to us next time you come up here!

  12. It’s going to be soooo nice! Look forward to visiting from Indiana when it’s done. ?

  13. Awww, Katie, my heart just keeps swelling with happiness for you and Clyde. THIS is going to be a great, rebuilding year for you. Beauty from the ashes…..

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