Progress on the Winery Cleanup

A crew has been working over the weekend and week to cleanup the fire damage at the old winery.  Thought I’d show how much of the old site has been cleared away.  As a reminder, here’s the awefulness they started with:

That was the main cellar.

And that was the section below our apartment, which we affectionately used to call the tower.  More than three dumpsters have been filled between the trash and recyclables, cleaning up the old building site quite a bit.

Winery Cleanup
As of Tuesday afternoon, much of the trash in the front, sides, behind, and in the forward areas in the cellar have all been scooped away.

Winery Cleanup
The apartment side is even looking managable again.  Here’s the view from above – I was standing approximately where the old handicap ramp came up onto the winery front porch to take the next picture:

Winery Cleanup
All those bottles! The crew has been working hard all day today, so I’ll go out for a few more photos tomorrow morning to share here too.  It’s good to finally have things moving forward, but a little weird to see the transformation at the same time.

In other news, Clyde will be making a batch of wine over at Red Moose Vineyard so we’ll have something to sell again as soon as we can build again.  If you have a hankering to get out to the countryside this Memorial Day Weekend, head on down to their place where you can enjoy live music, food, and tasty beverages.  I think Clyde and I will be hanging around speaking wine geek to anyone that will listen on Saturday afternoon! 🙂