You just won’t recognize the place anymore

Winery Cleanup
As promised, I’m back to show the progress on the old winery cleanup site.  Can you believe what a difference?!? I am amazed at how fast, and what a change this has made in the landscape (and to be honest, our psyche as well) after the winery fire.  What was once a big pile of ashes is now….a big hole in the ground.

Winery Cleanup
After getting all the junk out of the space, Contractor Mark & his friend Mike spent 2 full days Wednesday and Thursday, jack-hammering out the old concrete.  The old dirt and concrete has been dumped over the side of the winegarden for future wine gardening!

Winery Cleanup
There’s a closer look at the jackhammer attachment on Mark’s skid steer.  I’m pretty sure Clyde didn’t try to sneak off in the middle of the night to play with the toys, er, tools, after the guys left for the evening.  Pretty sure. 🙂

They still have a day or two left before everything will be finished, but they are definitely making headway on all that mess.

Winery Cleanup
Last night, I was treated to a beautiful sunset.  Our new building will feature plenty of space to enjoy this type of scenery when you come for a visit!

I hope everyone out there has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend.  Even though we’re not open, we will be thinking of you and making plans for you to come in the future.  Cheers!

6 Replies to “You just won’t recognize the place anymore”

  1. OMG what a change in the old site. Wish we could come to The Red Moose today for a visit but we have company who have a long road trip tomorrow, so hopefully next time. I was so excited to hear from you and that finally, some progress has been allowed, and you don’t have to look at that black hole anymore. We miss you. Judi and Gary

  2. Glad to see things are coming long. Your WHITTENBURG is my favorite wine. I’m glad I have some on hand. I can’t wait to see the new winery. That is definitely one drive I will make.

  3. I can so identify with your feelings after having all the debris from the fire removed. The house we are living in now had a terribly overgrown back yard. I’ve been slowly working on it to cut everything back and then will be replanting to make an entirely different “outdoor room” for us. I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a good feeling.

    What a beautiful sunset!!!

  4. We miss you guys too Judi & Gary! Hopefully we’ll have a chance to get together again soon.

  5. We’ll be working to get that Whittenburg ready for you at the end of your drive when we reopen! 😀 Thanks so much for the encouragement.

  6. I hope your backyard project goes smoothly – it’s no fun to dig through a mess, but definitely worth it in the end. Hope you and Mike are doing well!

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