Beginning of August Building Update

Not a huge amount of change since my last video of the site, but there has been some work done!  We had a few trees cleared that I didn’t show in the video. Mainly those trees were in the parking lot area, and were becoming hazards since they were slowly dying.

We’ve been planning to add brewery equipment to the production cellar, and after picking up a 1-barrel system early in July, Clyde gave it a trial run this past weekend.  It’s still fermenting, so we don’t know how his first try tastes yet, but we are eagerly anticipating the results!

Clyde is heading out this weekend to pick up a grape press, and we are also trying to get bottling supplies on hand so we can bottle the wines we’ve been making at Red Moose Winery. A conversation with “the feds” about updating our federal permit was delayed this week, so I’m still not sure when we’ll be able to have something available to you all again.  As soon as I know anything on that front, I’ll be sure to post here and on our social media pages.

So how about you? What have you been up to this week?  I’d love to read about your adventures in the comment section.  Cheers!

4 Replies to “Beginning of August Building Update”

  1. Thank you for the update. Tried a new winery in Desoto called La Chance during our girls weekend. Very pretty property but it wasn’t Peaceful Bend. We await your opening.

  2. So excited you are going to rebuild Peaceful Bend and looking forward to many relaxing visits there. I haven’t did the girls weekend yet but thinking about after it is up and running again can’t wait!!

  3. Thanks Shelby – we’ll look forward to seeing you at the next girl’s day out (or whenever you can make it)!

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