The Shed-teau Update

Clyde has been working hard to create a more welcoming space in our interim tasting room – now coined the ‘shed-teau’ (ooo la la!) – and I wanted to share a few of the updates he’s made recently.

Here’s a quick video tour of what you’ll see when you visit us this winter:

And if you don’t want to watch the video, I’ve got a few pics of the space too.

interim tasting room update
Two changes you’ll notice outside are a window to let a bit more natural light inside and a level platform that will hopefully make it easier to step into the room.

interim tasting room update

Inside we have our tasting room table in front of a few of the tanks and barrels we purchased this summer.

interim tasting room update

And opposite the tasting room table, we now have three tables and  a few chairs, just in case you’d like to hang out for a bit.  We do have a heater, and lots of insulation so the space is nice and cozy.  Clyde plans to dry wall next week too, so there might be a few more changes when you visit.

I’ll be open this weekend, but we will be closed on Thanksgiving day and Friday.  We’ll re-open on Saturday after Thanksgiving, so if you’re low on wine after the turkey dinner, you can get stocked back up. For more about our holiday hours, click over to this page.

wine promotion: buy 4 bottles, get a free logo wine glass

While you’re here you can take advantage of our winter wine promotion too. For every 4 bottles of wine you purchase, you’ll receive a free logo wine glass.  It’s a little gift for you to thank you for putting up with our craziness while we get back in business.  Cheers!

4 Replies to “The Shed-teau Update”

  1. Do you all ship the wine to individuals? I’d like to get a bottle but I have no idea how that would work in shipping it.

    You all are doing a superb job on getting going. I think the new place will be a much better suited business than ever! Here’s to your success!

  2. Hi Jeremy-
    We aren’t shipping yet, but I hope to before the end of the year. I’ll shoot you a message once we are set up again. Thanks for asking!

  3. Katie and Clyde…..looks very inviting….I like the setting, cozy. Do you have a wood burning stove? That was always wonderful to sit by with the lovely dogs. jmc

  4. No stove in the shed-teau Janet, but we do have plans for one in the new winery building. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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