Siding the New Winery

Hi everyone!  So sorry to be so long with updates.  Deer season and Thanksgiving slowed everything down around here, but the last couple of weeks, lots of stuff has been happening with the new building.

installing siding on the new winery

The most visible is that the siding is being installed.  The crew is still working on the side and the back of the building today, but they worked hard yesterday and the day before on the front of the building.

Installing siding on the new winery

Once again, I’m amazed by how easily these guys can work on top of a ladder!

Siding installed on front of new winery

So far, so good, and this only makes us more excited to be in the new building permanently.

In less showy, but still important progress news: the HVAC folks are working on heating & air, while the plumber has worked on installing pipes for water.  Plus Clyde has met with the well digger, so that process is underway.  It’s so fun to have all this progress here at the end of the year!

interim tasting room update

Meanwhile, we are enjoying the space in our ‘shed-teau’.  We have a few tables set up inside, and I’ll be open Friday and Saturday this weekend (Dec. 22 & 23) from 11am to 5.  We’ll be closed on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but otherwise I’ll stick to the temporary hours.  Of course, feel free to call and make an appointment outside of those hours too!

4 Replies to “Siding the New Winery”

  1. Hi Clyde and Katie!

    Glad to see that you are recovering nicely from the fire. Your place will be even better than before!

    It’s been close to 20 years since I visited with you briefly when I was on a business trip to Boeing in St. Louis. Back then, I don’t think there was another winery near you, but now you have enough nearby wineries for a limo tour? Wow!

    I retired in 2013 from Raytheon (formerly Hughes Aircraft) after 41 years. At the moment I’m in Fresno, CA beginning my last semester at Fresno State University, majoring in enology and planning to graduate with my degree in May. I had never finished college 40+ years ago when I should have, but I’m doing it now.

    I’d like to visit sometime, but have no current plans to visit the Midwest – especially at this time of the year . Maybe when there is an ACBL Nationals in St. Louis.

    Good luck with your winery, stay healthy, and let me know when you have some barrel-fermented, dry Chardonel available!

    Tom Shudic

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