Big BIg BIG NEWS!!!!

new winery building at sunset with information about reopening event

We are in the new building!!!!  We’ve been working this week on getting a tasting bar, cooler, and bathroom set up so we can move the tasting room out of the shed-teau and into the new building.  I’m so excited to be in there and can’t wait to share the view with you all!

So guess what that means?  Yep! We are hosting our GRAND RE-OPENING on April 28 & 29 this month!  We’ll have live music from 2-5pm both days, a special menu, a massage therapist will be available and we will be giving away lots of cool stuff, so be sure to add us to your calendar for the last weekend of the month.  All that, and no cover charge, nor reservations needed!

You might be wondering who is playing?  Well, we are thrilled to welcome several friends back to Peaceful Bend for entertainment for the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon we will be kicking back with Rachel Brandt & Brad Johnson whose jazz and folk tunes are always in perfect harmony.

Sunday brings out a local favorite band with an acoustic twist – Alderwood!  Hopefully we won’t have to deal with snow on our Grand Re-opening like the last time these guys played out here!

Even if it does snow or rain, we have lots of room in the tasting room, so don’t let the weather scare you away.

audience listening to a performer during open mic night at Peaceful Bend Vineyard

There’s a peek at Wednesday’s Open Mic night in the new building.  As you can see, it’s super cozy and perfect for relaxing with friends. You can see a short snippet of one of the performances on our instagram page here.

Now that we are in the new building, we are also going back to our regular hours.  The tasting room (and the kitchen once that is up and running) is open Thursday-Monday from 11am-6pm.  We are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but will be happy to make an appointment in advance if you need to come in one of those days.

Finally, I need to ask for your patience with our “construction dust”.  Our contractor is working hard to finalize the building, but has a few projects to finish up.  You all have been so patient thus far – we truly appreciate you hanging through to the end with us!

I’ll be making a quick video tomorrow of the new building and posting that here, on facebook, and on instagram so keep your eye out for that.  In the meantime, we are looking forward to  enjoying the new building with you soon!  Cheers!

two 6-week old kittens in Katie's lap

Oh wait – one more thing.  A new winery needs a new pet or two doesn’t it? Clyde and I have adopted two new kittens.  Kinky Kitty (she has a naturally docked tail with a hook at the end, so you know Clyde!) and ??? – we are still figuring out the male’s name.  They are almost 7 weeks old, and definitely keeping us entertained when we aren’t working!






14 Replies to “Big BIg BIG NEWS!!!!”

  1. This is truly exciting news! We are looking forward to our next visit. Can’t wait to taste some of the goodies that will be available. We also love your new “family” additions. The kittens are truly adorable!
    See you soon.

  2. Will we still be able to bring our Pekingese, Riley with us when we visit? May see if I can talk Les out of bowling on that Saturday, so we can drive down. If not, we will see you all Soon.


    Wish I could be there in person, but I’ll have to be there in spirit!!

  4. Yes, Riley is still welcome outside. I just emailed you Kathy – check that message when you get a chance. 😉

  5. Larkin, we are looking forward to seeing you and Dave again, and serving up some of your delicious meat!

  6. So exciting. Wish I could be with you, but will be sending lots of love and good wishes your way. Have a grand re-opening!

  7. Thank you so much Aunt Saundra – your support has gone a long way to making this day possible!

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