Enjoy Spring With Us

This week we’ve welcomed 9 new additions to the winery:

10 chicks and a hen pecking at food in the grass

This hen went broody at the beginning of April, and she hatched out 9 chicks two days ago.  They are super cute, soft, quietly peeping and just about exactly what you want to see in the spring.  I tell you, between the winery re-opening, adopting two adorable kittens and now these chicks, we are overflowing with new life around here!

If you need an excuse to come out this weekend to love on some baby chickens, we also have live music from 2-5pm provided by Nathan Showalter.

August has a Cinco de Mayo menu cooked up for you too.  He’ll be offering a  beer cheese dip with chips, chili-braised chicken tacos, his fabulous cheese boards, and a caesar salad (with or without grilled chicken).  Endi is whipping up a chocolate pots de creme with real mexican chocolate for those of you with a sweet tooth.  Plus I’ll be making a Citrus & Wine Ponche (punch) to add a little extra special touch to the weekend.

Hmmmm…..it’s probably best not to tell our chicks what’s on the menu this weekend.  😉

Hope to see you soon.  Cheers!