More about Catawba

Yesterday, Clyde and I were both able to sneak away and pick up the rest of the Catawba juice from Whispering Oaks in Seymore, MO.  Here are a few pics from the day:

Here’s Clyde backing the trailer with our tanks into the wine cellar at Whispering Oaks:

And here is owner Larry Green in his chilling cellar, putting the hose down into one of the barrels of juice:

They have been holding the juice for us at a really cold temperature – just above freezing so that nothing will grow in it.  Here is what the juice looks like:

At this point is looks cloudy, but after setting overnight in our cellar, the juice becomes quite clear with the barest tinge of pink to it.  Finally here is the cheerful welcome flowers you see when you arrive at Whispering Oaks:

So that was our adventure yesterday.  Today there is some serious lawn mowing and tank cleaning going on around here.  We’ll be busy this weekend bringing in Chambourcin and Norton grapes.

O.k. – here is a comment prompt:  What is your favorite wine ever?  Don’t email me with the answer – use the comment link to this post.  Can’t wait to see your answers!

Buckets of Rain


It has rained almost all day here at Peaceful Bend….and we certainly needed it.  Sandy reports that we’ve had 1.5 inches so far!  Yay!


Clyde hauled…


…this rig yesterday to pick up the catawba juice from Seymore MO.  The square tanks were borrowed from generous friend Matt.  What would we do without him?  Anyways, each tank holds 180 gallons and Clyde was back around 3:30 that afternoon.  We have one more trip to make on Monday for more juice, and that will be it for the 2006 Catawbas.