Thanks guys!

 Elliot Raney, above, and Stewart Johnson, below, provided the soundtrack for a relaxing Labor Day weekend here at Peaceful Bend!  Hope everyone enjoyed themselves this weekend!

Thanks Mom!

Mom emailed me to let me know what she knew of French….here’s a bit of what she wrote, for those of you dying to know all this et, noir, and French translations:

“Dear Katie,
       I can’t resist showing off my French.  Et means ‘and’ and noir means
‘black’ and noiret is up for grabs as far as I can tell.  It could be
little black; if the et at the end were ette I would be sure of that,
but since the spelling is other wise, I’ll leave it to Tammy to

There you go folks “Black And.”  Which if you read the english translation quickly, describes how I look after processing these Noiret grapes!  Clyde did a bit of internet sleuthing, and believes Noiret to be the last name of someone.  Who exactly, we don’t know yet.

To all that visited this last couple of days, thanks for making it a fun weekend for us!  We don’t have any live music today, but will be happy to do our own song and dance for you if you would like to come out and relax for a bit today.  I’ll be open from 10 to 5. 

Happy Labor Day everyone!