A day of rest and relaxation!

For Clyde anyways….I’m here in the salesroom, so come on out and enjoy the beautiful weather with a great bottle of wine.

There is a LOT going on in the area today.  Steelville has its Harvest Festival parade this afternoon at 1:30p.m. and the rodeo tonight at 8p.m.  St. James has their Grape and Fall festival going on all weekend.  We plan to stay right here however.

On Thursday we pressed out 8 tons of Traminette and yesterday Jeff cleaned up the crush pad while Clyde filtered and inoculated the Traminette juice.  Clyde was up most of the night getting that done, so he is definitely ready for a day to relax!

I got together with Rob and Willie Bowness last night and made plans for them to bring their new pottery out for an exhibit on the afternoon of October 14.  So plan to come by between 1 and 4 p.m. that day to pick out some unique, hand-crafted pottery and listen to the music of Jimmy Adams.  And have some wine too! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Yesterday Clyde…

…pressed out the Noiret and the Concord.  Here’s a pic of him pulling the last skins out of the tank:

Looks yummy, huh?!?  The green tub catches the skins and seeds, and he is mixing them with a little of the wine to make a slurry mixture that the pump can handle.  From here it is pumped up into the press.  The next picture is what the inside of the press looks like with some of this stuff inside (my appologies for poor picture quality, by the way):

And finally, the wine draining into the pan below the press:

From here, the wine is pumped back into the cellar and finished off in tanks or oak barrels.  This was a loooooooooooong day.  Clyde expected to be finished pressing both batches of wine by 1 p.m..  But actually finished up at about 9p.m.  Today we are pressing out Traminette.  Both Clyde and Jeff are feeling a bit sore today! 

This weekend we will try to heal….come on by and join us in relaxing!

Thanks guys!

 Elliot Raney, above, and Stewart Johnson, below, provided the soundtrack for a relaxing Labor Day weekend here at Peaceful Bend!  Hope everyone enjoyed themselves this weekend!