Vineyard visits

I went out to see the Green’s vineyard this morning.  It was a great day, and I realized that I haven’t been hiking through a vineyard for a long time.  Took some samples of his vignoles so we have an idea of how they are ripening.  Also took pics of the catawba for some fun!  Here’s the results of this mornings’ work:

Well, not so appetizing looking, I know.  I tested for sugar, pH and acidity.  These grapes were quite sweet at 25% sugar in the juice.  This grower will look to harvest next weekend. 

Meanwhile we continue to prep for Sunday morning.  Had no troubles getting the equipment off of the semitruck yesterday, but in the process of taking the tanks to the cellar, our forklift’s front tire went flat.  So one repair and a few phone calls around to find out if we can rent a forklift nearby, we are back on track again.  It wouldn’t be harvest if it wasn’t crazy around here!  Hope to see you soon.  Cheers!

More Harvest Preparation

Clyde didn’t want his photo taken, so you get a gratuitous hand and leg shot!  Here he is working on our destemmer/crusher.  Pulling things apart, greasing it, tightening belts, and modifying it a bit for the upcoming harvest.  Sunday morning we will be crushing our first grapes of the season – Cayuga White.  We use this variety for our Whittenburg wine.  Come on by if you can, or if not, keep watch here and I’ll try to post pictures as soon as I have time.  Meanwhile, I will bore you with prep pics!

Harvest is almost here!

We are busy getting ready.  Between ordering supplies, coordinating with growers, and serving our customers I’ve had a chance to snap a few pics of Jeff as he cleans up the harvest bins.  Each of these bins will hold about 1 ton of grapes.

Here you see a dirty bin….this is what they look like after sitting out in our field for a year:

And here is Jeff as he prepares to tip the bin over and get inside to clean.  Jeff will be very careful NOT to hit his poor nose as he works on these bins:

Well, despite a painful nose, Jeff is happily working these bins over:

And finally they come clean:

One of our growers will be coming by on Friday to pick up these squeaky clean puppies and use them this weekend.  We will be processing early on Sunday, and consider this your invitation to come on by and watch the craziness of our first harvest of 2006!  Cheers everyone!