5 Ways to Wrap Your Wine Bottles

Wrap your wine quickly and smartly with any of these gift bags.

Are you looking for ways to wrap up the bottles of wine you are giving to others thing holiday season?  If so, I have a few resources for you to check out.

Use your wrapping paper to create this fun look.  Does this bottle kinda remind you of Beaker from The Muppets?  Just a little?

Dish Wrap Wine Bottles
Alternatively, use a large dish towel to wrap up 1 or two bottles of wine.  This way, the whole gift is usable.  Plus, if any wine is spilled, your gift recipient will have towel to sop up any mess that’s made!

For you minimalists, you could also simply print out our free printable gift tags, cut, sign, and tie it on the neck of the bottle.  No need for anything fancy here!

Use Leftover Corks to Decorate a Tote Bag
Or make your own gift bag using corks that you are finished with.  Change up the paint colors, and those round corks could be cute holly or mistletoe berries.

Wrap your wine quickly and smartly with any of these gift bags.

Of course, you can always simply purchase a wine bottle gift bag here.  Plunk in the bottle and violá!  A lovely presentation for your gift. I love that red and white fuzzy bag – it’s a cute one for the holidays!

If you are looking for a deliciously tasty gift to give for Christmas, come on by Peaceful Bend!  You’ll have a relaxing time shopping, and can indulge in a few samples of your own.  Or head over to our online shop – you’ll need to order by Friday (Dec. 18) to ensure delivery by Christmas.  Cheers!

Peaceful Bend 2015 Gift Guide

We can make a customized gift basket perfect for anyone on your list!

With the holiday season in full swing, I know many of you are probably looking for a few gift ideas.  I wanted to share several ideas for you to consider that you can pick up right here while you’re on a relaxing visit to the winery!

Fill this 3-bottle gift box with your selection of wines.

To start off: wine!  Of course. 😀  I’ll be happy to work with you to figure out the perfect wine for the folks on your list.  This three-bottle box is a great way to feature your selections, and makes a wonderful shipping box too.  I can make all the arrangements to ship for you; I just need your recipients name, address, and a phone number is good as well (in case of issues with deliveries) but not required.

To guarantee delivery before Christmas, you’ll want to place your order by December 16.  After that date, I do my best to get things out as quickly as possible, but your package has a chance of arriving a little after the big day.

We can make a customized gift basket perfect for anyone on your list!

I can also make up a nice gift basket with items from our tasting room.  Chocolates are always a good addition to any wine basket!  If you have a special item or two that you’d like me to include in a basket for one of your gift-ees, by all means, bring it in.  I’m happy to make up a customized basket at no extra charge.

Wrap your wine quickly and smartly with any of these gift bags.

We have an array of gift bags that fit between 1 and three bottles of wine in them.  These will make it easy to wrap up your wine – and any extra gifts on your list!  I have tissue paper available and will be happy to fill the bags to make them look pretty for you.

Peaceful Bend Vineyard logo wine glass makes a great gift for the wine lover.

For newlyweds, recent college grads, or someone starting out a household for the second time around, a bottle of wine and a logo wine glass or two is a great way to build their kitchen supplies, and ensure a tasteful night at home.

Taste Weavers dips available at Peaceful Bend Vineyard

We also have an assortment of gourmet dips and sauces that are perfect for those folks that already have pretty much everything they need.  A bottle of wine, a sleeve of crackers, a couple of our delicious dips, and viola!  A gift that will be used and appreciated.

Bark Thins Snacking Chocolates and Chocolate Company truffles availabled at Peaceful Bend Vineyard

And did I mention chocolate?  I did?  Oh, yeah that’s right.  Well, I must mention it again, because there is just no going wrong for those of us that suffer from chronic chocolate deficiency syndrome when you give us wine and chocolate!

An array of wine gadgets to help any oenophile.

And finally, for the wine connoisseur on your list, we carry cork pullers, bottle & wine glass coozies, wine preserve, and many other wine-related items that are not only fun, but they will make your recipients life a little easier too.

We are all about relaxing, so feel free to get a glass of wine, and let me do the wrapping for you while you enjoy the flavors of the season.  You can enjoy a little extra savings on Sundays here this month too.  Glasses of wine and beers are just $3 on Sundays during December, or you can get a 20% discount on any bottles of wine that you open to drink here at Peaceful Bend.  So come on by, finish up any shopping you need to do, and enjoy a nice afternoon out to boot.  Cheers!