2016 Sparkle Farkle Winner!

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
Congratulations to Betty Rahner, the winner of this year’s Sparkle Farkle Tournament! As you can see, she won quickly and by a wide margin! Betty picked a bottle of Harvest Mist for her prize.

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
Everyone had a great time playing Farkle, getting to know each other, sharing food, and relaxing for the holiday here at Peaceful Bend.

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
Lots of good food to be had on the buffet line this year. Here’s Max, one of the finalists in the tournament, filling up his plate after a hard couple of games.

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
We always appreciate Pam’s enthusiasm, and even though she wasn’t this year’s winner she still felt like a champ by making it to the final round! 😀

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
Here’s Betty posing with Bob – the winner of our very first Sparkle Farkle tournament, held seven years ago. Bob and I made up for losing this year by dancing away our woes at the end of the afternoon. The wine told me I was good at dancing, but I assure you that Bob did not say the same thing!

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
Bryce, a visiting Great Dane, watched as we all played Farkle. Bryce was probably wondering if anyone would notice that he was a couch potato for the afternoon!

During tournament play, the skies opened up and rained pretty much all afternoon, which made it nice to have the larger tasting room to accommodate everyone.  Though we still have trim to put up, the room really started to feel like home again after all the renovations.

Bryce the Great Dane would like some cheese and wine too!
At the very end of the afternoon, the sun came out and a few folks headed out onto the porch to enjoy a sip of wine before heading off to see fireworks. I loved this moment when Bryce put his chin onto the table and asked his owner if he could pretty please have a piece of cheese!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Monday to join us for our Sparkle Farkle Tournament. We had a delicious afternoon, and are looking forward to the next tournament already!

Concert Recap: Karl Eggers & Lukas Simpson

Karl Eggers & Lukas Simpson play in the winegarden

Karl Eggers & Lukas Simpson play in the winegardenThis past Friday night, we had a great time listening to Karl Eggers & Lukas Simpson play bluegrass, folk, old time, and original tunes out in the wine garden.

This is Lukas’s third time playing here, but Karl’s first.  We were so impressed with his vocals, banjo and guitar playing!

Karl Eggers & Lukas Simpson play to a small but mighty crowdThe weather was perfect, and the leaves hadn’t quite blocked off the view of the sunset yet, so it turned out to be a pretty night too.  The crowd was a small, but mighty.  And mighty friendly too!

Pepe makes friends during the Karl Eggers and Lukas Simpson concertEspecially Pepe – he is always friendly, but when picnics are involved.  Well, you know – he’s probably already hit you up for treats already!

Lukas Simpson & Karl Eggers play bluegrass and folk in our wine gardenLukas and Karl will be back to play here on May 27 from 7-9pm again, so be sure to mark your calendar.  We’ll have a great time kicking off Memorial Day Weekend together!

Wine & Woof 2016 Recap

A big chair for a big doggie kiss

wine & woof festival participants

What  a beautiful weekend we experienced here at Peaceful Bend!  We started out with a concert by Karl & Lukas on Friday night, then went on to our annual Wine & Woof Festival on Saturday.  I’ll be sharing a few photos of the Friday night concert later this week, but today I thought I’d share a whole bunch of furry goodness from Saturday’s festival.

Chicane the french bulldogAs you can already see, we had many dog breeds represented here during the festival.  Many folks gathered with their pups to enjoy the beautiful weather, fun music, and a bite to eat for lunch.

Guests watch the herding dog demonstration during the dog festivalSeveral guests headed over to Murphy’s Place to watch Crystal put on a herding dog demonstration in the early afternoon.

Crystal Earhart of Murphy's Place hosted a herding dog demonstration

Crystal explained that she is now able to move all their cattle and goats easily around the farm with just her horse and three herding dogs. Prior to training her dogs, her family would pull out tractors, four-wheelers, and their hiking boots to try to move their cattle around to different pastures.  Plenty of animals would get away, and it often turned into an all-day mess.  Now however, Crystal can head out and move a herd quickly and easily with just her three dogs.

Ember, a kelpie, gets ready to move goats around the farmEach dog is a different breed with different innate characteristics that Crystal takes advantage of.  This is Ember, a Kelpie – her oldest dog.  Ember doesn’t let an animal get by her, and is always patient, but sometime she’s a little too patient.  Crystal has to push Ember to get a move on the herd.

Shade, a hairy mouth heeler, ready to work stockThis is Shade, a hairy mouth heeler, and Crystal’s youngest dog.  Shade is fearless and can make even the most ornery cow move somewhere.  She’s quite smart, but she can also be too aggressive with smaller stock like baby goats, so Crystal has to keep a close eye on Shade when she’s working or else mayhem can occur.

Tag, a border collie, holds goats in one place during the herding demonstrationAnd finally we have Tag, a border collie, shown here holding the goats.  Tag is a dedicated worker and will do anything to please Crystal.  But, unfortunately he will sometimes not pay close attention to the herd and has a tendency to let an animal or two get around him and away.

Moving goats to a new pasture with Crystal on horseback

A border collie, a kelpie, and a hairy mouth heeler move cattle during the herding dog demoThese three make a great team, and everyone enjoyed watching them show off their herding skills.  I snapped several shots of the dogs and people over at Murphy’s Place….

Nellie and Dollie get ready to watch the herding dog demonstration

Ember says hello to old friend Misty

Tina and Nellie

Carl & Misty

The Flea Bitten Dawgs entertaining during the Wine & Woof FestThen it was back to Peaceful Bend to enjoy the music of the ukelele duo, Flea Bitten Dawgs!  Dave and Thom played a wide array of music throughout the afternoon, and even brought their own pooches along to enjoy the day.

Diane Engelsdorfer gives a talk about the tellington touch dog massage techniqueDiane Engelsdorfer took time to teach a dog massage workshop during the afternoon too.  She showed how to do a method called the Tellington Touch.

Diane Engelsdorfer demonstrates dog massage on a Great DaneBryce, the great dane, didn’t enjoy her demonstration at all.  Can’t you tell?

attendees at the dog massage workshopLots of folks gathered to learn about how to massage their own dogs.  Relaxing your dog not only helps them bond with you, but also helps when you have to do things like give medicine, cut toenails, or other activities that might not be very pleasant for a pooch to sit through.

Cutie pie pooch

Diane demonstrates dog massage

Maggie, a staffordshire terrier

Dave of the Flea Bitten Dawgs pets MacyLots of fun was had throughout the afternoon in the wine garden.  Dog petting, picnicing, card games, and other fun stuff went on throughout the day.  Here’s a few more pics of all the action….

attendees watch card tricks during the Wine & Woof Festival

A big chair for a big doggie kiss

Connie talks with guests

attendees with their dog

Big chair for a growing familyDo you all remember Julie & Mike?  There they are in the big chair with our soon-to-be grand baby!  Julie’s due at the end of May, and needless to say, Clyde and I were thrilled to see them out here this weekend.

Grand Prize winner at the Wine & Woof FestivalWe didn’t have enough entrants for the dog costume contest this year, so instead we drew for the baskets I put together.  Here are a few of the attendance prize winners:

Tina wins a door prize during the fest

Mona wins an attendance prize at the Wine & Woof festival

Sam and owner Erica win a door prize during the dog festivalEllie wins a door prize during the dog festivalI want to thank Flint’s Country Store for helping provide several of the door prizes for the contest.  A huge thanks to Crystal and everyone at Murphy’s Place for the herding dog demonstration.

Crystal also helped me put together a wine dog obstacle course for attendees to try out during the day.  I didn’t get over to take any pictures of the action at the course during the day, but I understand that the obstacles were conquered by dogs and humans alike!

I’d also like to thank Diane Engelsdorfer for the massage workshop, and The Flea Bitten Dawgs for the lovely music.

And a HUGE thank you to everyone who attended the festival and made the event another fun one!  I loved meeting you and your pooches – I hope you enjoyed your time here too.  Until we meet again – Cheers!