Weekend Photos and Videos

We had a great time this weekend, and I wanted to share a bit of the fun with anyone who couldn’t make it out. The Goldmine Pickers played from 2-4 on Sunday afternoon, with an opening set provided by Goat Milk Honey:

Both bands were excellent! And so friendly too – they took the time to visit with everyone that wanted to meet them during their breaks and after the music:

Everyone had a good time visiting and listening to the music:


I tried my hand at a few videos of the performances. Uploading an HD video to youtube is taking a LOT longer than I anticipated, so right now, I just have one video to show off of Goat Milk Honey. A Goldmine Pickers video is uploading as I type this, so I’ll try to add that to the post late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Yay!  It’s uploaded and I’ve posted it below.

Here’s an original tune by Goat Milk Honey:

And a sweet original by Adam Carter of the Goldmine Pickers:


Hope you had a wonderful weekend too! Cheers.

Goldmine Pickers

Tomorrow should be fun – rain or shine! We’ll have the music in the cellar if it’s raining, or out in the wine garden if it’s nice.

Today our weather is beautiful too, so don’t hesitate to come out and enjoy a picnic in the wine garden. You can check out the three flowers we have in bloom. I’m afraid I’m probably boring you with flower photos though, so instead, I thought I’d share a couple pictures of our pets.

Maggie and Pepe spend most mornings beside the cottage enjoying the sunshine and waiting for someone to drive up to the winery.

Polly peeks out to check and see if I have some cheese for her.

I hope we’ll see you this weekend – cheers!