New Farkle Tournament And Spring Flower Photos

Several local folks are getting together this Sunday, April 28 at 1pm to play Farkle.  They invite you to join in on the fun.  Bring food to share if you can, but if you can’t bring food, come anyways!  Farkle is a dice game, and we have everything you need to play.  It’s easy to learn, and a fun way to meet new people, so come on out!

And the weather was pretty nice this past weekend, so I grabbed my camera and took a few spring flower photos.  This batch is not daffodil-free, but you will see a new variety. Here are my favorite results:

Sweet William blooming near the river.

There’s a different daffodil variety down at the river too!

My neighbor Sandy gave us this bellwort plant a couple years ago, and it began blooming this past weekend. Thanks Dad for the magnifying lens that made this shot possible!

I can always count on Pepe to make floral photography extra-challenging. And I can’t resist, I feel the need for a photo caption contest for that one. Comment with your caption and I’ll choose a favorite on Friday!

Hope you enjoyed this peek at our spring blooms. The dogwoods are about to pop open, but we’ll see if they make it through the next couple of cold evenings. Cheers!

Winery Shuttle Service and 2 more videos


The last two days we’ve enjoyed a warm temperatures, sunny skies and partial clouds.  Yesterday brought the sounds of distant thunder off to the northwest.  By evening the storms finally rolled over us and knocked out our power for most of the night, but was back on by the time we woke up this morning.  We’ve lost a few branches on our trees around here, but nothing major so fortunately all is well here at Peaceful Bend!

The shot above is the view on the way in to our neighbor’s vacation cabins called Muphy’s Place.  They are introducing a new service that I wanted to share with you all.  They are offering a winery shuttle package!  You and your group can sit back and relax while the Earharts take you around to the area wineries for the afternoon.  You can choose the day trip package, or the overnight stay package – both are great deals.  Click here for all the details (pdf file).

And if you need a little soundtrack, I have posted two more videos below from Sunday for you to enjoy.

Here is another video of the Goldmine Pickers

And here is one of Goat Milk Honey:

Hope you enjoyed those two videos. Cheers!

Weekend Photos and Videos

We had a great time this weekend, and I wanted to share a bit of the fun with anyone who couldn’t make it out. The Goldmine Pickers played from 2-4 on Sunday afternoon, with an opening set provided by Goat Milk Honey:

Both bands were excellent! And so friendly too – they took the time to visit with everyone that wanted to meet them during their breaks and after the music:

Everyone had a good time visiting and listening to the music:


I tried my hand at a few videos of the performances. Uploading an HD video to youtube is taking a LOT longer than I anticipated, so right now, I just have one video to show off of Goat Milk Honey. A Goldmine Pickers video is uploading as I type this, so I’ll try to add that to the post late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Yay!  It’s uploaded and I’ve posted it below.

Here’s an original tune by Goat Milk Honey:

And a sweet original by Adam Carter of the Goldmine Pickers:


Hope you had a wonderful weekend too! Cheers.