Wine and Food Pairing Guide: Yadkin Creek

Yadkin Creek Food Pairing Guide
This month’s wine and food pairing guide focuses in on our Yadkin Creek. The Yadkin is a semi-sweet red  made from Chambourcin grapes.  We ferment the wine in a stainless steel tank so that the cherry and blackberry aromas come through.  You’ll also note a bit of cinnamon spice in the aroma.  The texture of this wine is pretty light for a red, and we generally recommend serving it chilled.

Yadkin is perfect for sweeter dishes such as a fruit-stuffed pork loin or a hearty fillet of salmon with a blackberry sauce on top.  In the winter, make the Yadkin into a mulled wine (recipe here) to serve hot.  In the summer, just squeeze a wedge of orange in a glass of the chilled Yadkin for a quick version of Sangria.

As a related side note, this wine is named after a picturesque creek in Steelville.  The start of the creek is at Hoppe Spring Park in town which I featured last spring in this blog post.

I hope this wine and food pairing guide has helped you pick out a few dishes to serve with your bottle of Yadkin Creek.  Any requests for which wine to feature next month?


Peaceful Bend’s Norton Wine Pairings

We are home and back at it again today!  We’d love to see you all, and I promise I won’t bore you with vacation pictures while you’re here. 🙂  Although I might bore you with a few here on the blog sometime soon!

Pressing Norton 2013
So to get back in the swing of all things wine, did you know that January is Norton month here in Missouri?  Norton is a native grape variety to Missouri and is our state grape.  If you haven’t tried Norton, definitely give it a sip next time you come out to see us.  We have several wines that use this grape: our Forche Renault, Meramec, and Grapes of Raft Semi-Sweet Red all used Norton grapes in different amounts.  Plus of course we have a varietal Norton (2010 vintage at the moment).  So there are lots of options to choose from when you are here!

Norton typically has many notes that we label ‘earthy’.  That means you’ll often notice spicy flavors and aromas like pepper, mushroom, and herbs.  But also you’ll find dried fruit aromas like dried plums, blackberries or even raisin-like flavors.  Norton doesn’t have the heavy tannin level that Cabernet Sauvignon contains, so it tends to be a medium-bodied wine.  However, acidity can be a bit higher in Norton, especially in cloudy or rainy seasons.

To help you figure out food and wine pairings for our Norton, I’ve created our very first Wine Pairing Guide.

Norton Food Pairing Guide

I hope you find this guide helpful – I’m planning on creating one of these guides for each of our wines in the upcoming year.  Eventually I’ll have a full printed version with recipes on the back for all our wines that you can pick up here at the winery or download to print at home.  If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know in the comments below. Cheers!

Missouri Wine and Food Pairing Guide

September is Missouri Wine month, and I wanted to share a couple of great resources for getting to know Missouri wine.  Above is the Missouri wine & food pairing guide, which you can also download as a pdf file by clicking here.

And if you are unsure about what some of those varieties listed are like, check out this pdf Guide to Missouri Varietals.

Finally, be sure to check out the Missouri Grape and Wine Board’s website to learn even more about the Missouri wine industry.

I hope you can use these resources!  Cheers!