Weather and the Weekend Update


The hot, hot weather seems to be disappearing lately. We’ve had lots of clouds rolling in this past week, making for a few fabulous sunsets. Then yesterday those clouds opened up in the late afternoon and made for some rain and hail too!


Whew! 5 and 1/2 inches was reported by one friend here in Steelville. We definitely needed the rain, so I won’t complain too much about all the gravel that it washed out of our driveway.

The storm has left behind some FANTASTIC temperatures. This weekend looks to be sunny and in the low 80’s for a high temperature. Come on out and enjoy it with us here at Peaceful Bend!

I will be on the road to Moberly MO tomorrow. I’ll have a table at the Safe Passage fundraiser wine tasting at the Municipal building from 4-8pm on Saturday. If you are out and about in Moberly, come on by for wine, food, music and to support a great cause. Find out more information by calling 660-269-8111.

Looking forward to a great weekend. Cheers everyone!

Perseid Meteor Shower Over the Winery


Last Saturday I arrived back at the winery around 11pm from my tasting and dinner with Laura.  I had just enough energy left to grab my camera and give a try at capturing the Perseid meteor shower that was happening over the weekend.  I saw quite a few meteors, but unfortunately they all seemed to be somewhere other than where I had my camera pointing!

Oh well.  At least I caught a cool look at the sky and can say I watched a few of the meteors before I fell sound asleep!  Did you see any meteors last weekend?  Cheers!

Polite Pepe – Show and Tell

There’s no doubt about it, Clyde and I love our not-so-puppy-anymore puppy dog, Pepè.  Not only because he has been with us since day one, but also because he’s so doggone polite.  See that picture above?  He always pulls his chair up to the table and never, ever, puts his elbows on the table!

We’re not the only ones who love him though it seems.  Check out these customers who were enchanted by Pepè’s charms…..

Dave came in and tasted wine on an outing from his family reunion at Wildwood Springs Lodge last week.  After the tasting finished up, he had to join our doggies on the floor.  While Maggie mostly ignored Dave, our neat-o Pepito woke up to chat for a bit.

I wondered if maybe Dave sampled a bit too much wine, but Pepe told me he was just fine – Dave was just “a dog person” was all!  After a short conversation, Dave decided Pepè and Maggie had the right idea:

…to lie down a relax for a while! 🙂  (Pepè wants me to let you know that it was very nice to meet you Dave!)

Later in the weekend, Steve and his wife came by for a bit of wine.  While Steve’s wife was in the restroom, Pepe felt Steve might be a little lonely.  So Peps pulled up a chair for a chat….


“You know, that cheese spread is delicious.  And those whole wheat crackers give you fiber too,” Pepe told Steve.  “Katie will be happy to provide you a knife to cut that cheese into chompable size portions.”

That puppy of ours is so polite.