Year-End Favorites and New Year Hopes

Clyde and I have spent this holiday season on the biggest emotional (not to mention daily living) roller coaster ride we’ve ever experienced.  I kinda shut down for a few weeks, but here on New Year’s Day I want to remember the goodness that we experienced last year.  So here are a few favorites from 2016’s blog – I hope you remember these times as fondly as I do!

brand new grandson

Top of the list, best thing that happened this year was this little guy, Micah, being born.  He is super sweet, healthy and happy so far, and we couldn’t be more tickled to have a new family member!  Read more about it here (and, fair warning, the end of that post shows off the ‘new’ tasting room we worked on this spring – sigh).

Karl Eggers & Lukas Simpson play in the winegarden

So many talented musicians played on our stage this year, but I think the highlight was that we had a house band this year.  Karl Eggars and Lukas Simpson came back repeatedly this spring, summer and fall to play music and help us dip our toes into evening musical events here at the winery.  They are both great musicians and super kind-hearted.  It was a true pleasure to listen to these guys entertain us regularly!

This year’s cellar party was one of the best ones in recent years. As you can see we didn’t need to stay in the cellar since the weather was perfect to enjoy fire pits and fun outdoors. We got to catch up with friends old and new, enjoy lively music, and eat really well to boot. Good times!

Pepe will always be a favorite photo around here. He has certainly made a name for himself, and sometimes I wonder if people come for the wine, or just to enjoy a picnic with Pepe! 😀

Shortly after the cellar party, Clyde and I took his Mom on a bucket-list trip to California.  Here’s more info about that trip, but I ended up loving this selfie we took in Napa.

lilac bush at peaceful bend

And finally, this spring was a gorgeous one around here, with lots of beautiful flowers and lovely weather.  Click on over to remind yourself what is a few short months away!

So there are a few of the good highlights of 2016.  Thank you to everyone who has shared photos of PBV on Facebook, Instagram, and through email – it’s been great to see what memories you love from Peaceful Bend!

Clyde and I continue to wait on our insurance company to finish the fire investigation at this point.  Clyde has been clearing out junk from the barn across the driveway from the cottage and I have been focused on caring for his Mom.  We are trying to formulate what type of long-term plans we want to work towards, but are still debating and thinking of options.  So I guess you could say we are dormant, but quietly working on regeneration, much like a grapevine in winter.

May you enjoy a wonderful 2017 filled with love, peace, and wine of course!  Please stay in touch, and I’ll be back here on the blog as we have updates for you all.  Cheers!

Short-term Plans

Short term plans for re-opening

I thought I’d pop in and let you all know what Clyde and I are thinking of doing to open up a space as quickly as we can while we work toward a permanent rebuild.  If you have ever parked in our extra parking lot space, you might recall this old barn/shed we have stuffed with junk.

Our neighbor Gerald over at Murphy’s Place lent us use of his bobcat last week. So Clyde has spent his free time moving out all the old scrap lumber, broken chairs, and various other clutter that we’ve built up over the years in this space.

We’d like to pour a concrete floor and enclose this area to make a small tasting room.  We are still debating a few things (how to handle bathrooms, where to put the bar, where to store extra wine, do we call the outdoor area a ‘wine garden’ or wine yard’?, etc), but it feels good to at least have some direction for the near future.  We are probably going to purchase wine from another winery and put a custom label on it for this year, but that is another item which is still unclear at this point.

Meanwhile up at the winery, the fire investigation is still going on, so we haven’t heard what caused the fire or figured out how to proceed for the long-term yet.

Oh, and Maggie and Pepe have a nice warm dog house that Clyde built them last week, so they are doing well.  Although they are definitely missing their treats, and Pepe is wondering where his chairs went to!

And Polly is having fun finding a few new spots to hunt.

Thank you again to everyone who has so kindly reached out these last couple of weeks.  We have sorely needed your encouragement, and are truly grateful for each and every one of you!

Spring Flowers Around Peaceful Bend

lilac bush at peaceful bend

lilac bush at peaceful bend

The spring flowers are blooming abundantly around the winery.  We have redbuds, lilacs, spring beauty, gas plant, violets, trillium, pussy’s toes, dogwoods, and many more all in bloom right now.  I’m wondering how we are going to throw blankets over everything to protect them from the freeze that’s predicted tonight!

white and purple lilacsWell, unfortunately, we won’t be able to save them all.  So I pulled out my camera to try to save a bit of the spring color photographically.

Our lilac bush is really loaded up this year, and I noticed a few branches had a touch of white blooms to them.  Anyone else see this?  I’ve never noticed this before on this particular bush.

close up look at redbud blossomsThe redbuds are vibrant right now too.  We’re enjoying lots of red and purple blooms around the winery, which is actually pretty appropriate for our product!

unknown bush flowering at Peaceful BendThe bushes in front of the cottage are blooming, but it’s hard to tell from the driveway since the flowers are so tiny.  The bees really love these flowers though, and on the warm mornings, the bushes have literally been humming with honey bee activity.  I think these bushes are Citrus Berberis, but I’m not positive about that i.d.

Wild spring beauty blooming at Peaceful BendThese little white and pink Spring Beauty carpet a few areas around the driveway.  They are small, but in mass they put on quite a show.

A robin hunting for worms in the springI noticed that while I was hunting photographs, someone else was hunting worms.  We have several robins taking advantage of the soft ground after the rains.  I wonder what wine pairs with earthworms?

I hope you enjoyed this peek at our spring scene. I invite you to take a break and come see all the flowers in bloom here while you sip a glass of wine.  Ahhh…..