Addition to Schedule

We’re excited to have added a new group to our schedule.  On June 24th, The Ozark Alliance will be bringing their bluegrass and gospel to Peaceful Bend. They will be playing a couple sets beginning at 1pm.  There are a few other talents already invited plus there will be some open mic time and an open grill so bring your tunes and your grillables for what promises to be a fun filled afternoon.

For a little preview (for those with broadband) there’s a nice clip of Alex and Jenny Vaughn of Ozark Alliance on the following website:

John Hartford

Ozark Alliance

Proper Treatment

Some people believe that we brought Nancy and Norman Blake to our cellars just because we wanted to hear their lovely sounds.  But truth be known, we found out that treating the wine with world class music adds very special qualities to the wine.  Oh, we sold a few tickets just so the talented couple would feel more comfortable, having an audience and all.  But it would be crazy to think that a $50,000 backdrop of oak winebarrels filled with wine was created just for a top notch live performance.

There’s rumors going around that we may be able to bring the Blake’s as well as others back next year to treat another vintage of wines.  No promises, but keep in touch if you’re interesting in joining in on this special part of our winemaking process.

There will also be more pictures (and possibly some video) to follow, as soon as we all get a little rest.



Beautiful weekend.

Dogwoods are starting to pop out now.   Temps are back down to much more like springtime, but still quite nice to be out and about.  I’ll have a campfire going this afternoon….. could probably talk me into a wagon ride…. with the tractor not the horses.  Rob (the horseman, has some family matters to attend to this weekend.)