Interim Tasting Room Opening!


Opening & Hours for the interim tasting room

Great news everyone!  Though the winery rebuild is still going on, we are excited to open an interim tasting room here on September 30, 2017 at 11am, with live music by Elliott Ranney starting at 2pm.  Yipee!!!

What to Expect

Interim Tasting Room at Peaceful Bend while waiting for the new winery rebuild

The interim tasting room is actually this shed, which Clyde has been hard at work cleaning out and making room for bottled wine, tanks, and barrels.  We’ve still got some work to do, but things have been coming together this past week, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be in good shape by the 30th.

We have seven of our most popular wines available again, so you’ll find something to sip on while you catch up with our progress. Plus you’ll be able to check out all the updates on the new winery building for yourself (we’ll give pre-tours of the new space as time and safety allow).

We’ll have a tasting table set up inside the shed, but currently there isn’t enough space for indoor picnics, so we’ll just be using the great outdoors for relaxing with a glass or two!  We do have a nice tent to help provide shade for those of you who want to be out of the sun.

The bad news is, for the time being, we’ll only have porta potties for bathroom space.  BUT, they will be nice and clean, and I’m also renting a hand-washing station so you can clean up a little easier.

Also, you might consider bringing your own lawn chair for the first couple of weeks, though we do have several folding chairs here just in case.  We’ll get something figured out as soon as we can on the table/chair front.

Regular Interim Tasting Room Hours

The interim tasting room will be open Friday-Sunday from 11-6 throughout the fall and early winter until the winery rebuild is finished.  We’ll also be hosting live outdoor music on Saturdays, so be sure to check out the offerings on our event page.

So if you’ve been pining for our wine (or just pining for us like Clyde, Pepe, Maggie, and I have all been pining for YOU), plan to come out and see us one of these fall weekends!

So Much To Update

Wine in the rebuild


Hi all!  So sorry to be absent for so long, especially because there has been soooo much that’s happened around here lately.  In the blink of an eye we’ve now got a framed building!

The framing crew started last week on Monday morning and by the end of the week, we had walls, walls, walls, and a subfloor.  Check out the video above for a peek at all the progress they had finished about half way through the week.

Framing the New Winery Building

Framing the New Winery Building
This week the crew placed all the trusses for the roof and is getting all the sheeting done.  Plus placing doors and windows!

Framing the New Winery Building
I’ve been cheerleading and trying not to get in the way too much with my camera or cause any extra headaches.  Both important jobs. 🙂

To say that this is making us excited is a big understatement.  I keep wanting to play the theme song to Rocky while running up and down the porch step of the cottage pumping my fists in the air like a mad woman.

When that urge comes on strong I try to remember important job #2 above. 🙂

Framing the New Winery Building

As thrilling as all this is, I have an even MORE exciting announcement tomorrow.  So come back and I’ll spill the beans.

In the meantime, check out more construction photos below!

Framing the New Winery Building
Here’s our contractor Gerald of On The Level Construction hooking up the roof sheeting bundles to a crane which lifts the bundles up into the building.

Framing the New Winery Building
Gerald brought in help to get everything done that he needs these last two weeks. His hunting buddies from S&S Construction in Kirksville, MO came all the way down to work on the building. Plus our neighbor Scotty and Gerald’s Dad, Daryl, all pitched in to help where they could.  In the photo above, Gerald is measuring( in the blue shirt), while Daryl and Scotty supervise Shaun’s work at the saw.

Framing the New Winery Building
A peek inside the framed up wine cellar.

Framing the New Winery Building
The view from behind the winery as the bundles go sailing out over the building. Nope. I wasn’t nervous. Not at all. I had full faith in that crane.

Framing the New Winery Building
Brandon directs where bundles are to be placed.

Framing the New Winery Building
The first roof truss being lifted into place.

Framing the New Winery Building
Gerald directs Brandon and Smoothie has they guide the first truss and get it fixed in its spot.

Framing the New Winery Building
The view from way down below the back of the winery as they fix that first truss in place. Gerald’s crewman Luke has joined them up on the step ladder.

Framing the New Winery Building
Back down on the ground, Daryl attaches the crane’s hooks to two trusses at a time.

Framing the New Winery Building
Someone told Scotty to go fly a kite. Hee hee, no I’m kidding. The line Scotty is holding is attached to a corner of the trusses and he makes sure that the corner he is holding is delivered to the correct spot of the roof as well as keeps the trusses from swaying around too much.

Framing the New Winery Building
Gerald jumps up to the top of the roof to help get the final trusses in place.

Framing the New Winery Building
Last truss!

Framing the New Winery Building
What a historic moment for Peaceful Bend! I’m so glad we could watch. And so utterly thankful that these guys aren’t afraid of heights. 😉

Be sure to check back tomorrow afternoon to hear the big news!


We were literally floored this week. On Sunday morning, our contractor’s crew pulled in to rough in the plumbing for the new winery building. We felt for them; working in the full sun on a hot day had to be tough, but they were finished by a little after noon.

On Wednesday, the concrete crew came in to build and install the floor drain we need in the cellar. They finished their work just in time to clean up and head out before a big rain storm.

After a day to let things dry out, the concrete crew came back Friday. Trucks of concrete started rolling in, and by late afternoon we had a smooth, hard concrete wine cellar floor.  It’s Pepe approved, as you can see in the video!

Next week brings the crew back to pour the outdoor loading dock/press pad on the back of the building. I’ll be sure to video the next phase too – thanks for taking a look at the progress.  Cheers!