Sparkle Farkle Winner & Foundation Tour

Sparkle Farkle Tournament 2017
Hi all!  Fourth of July week turned out to be a busy one around here.  I hope you all enjoyed the holiday too.  The photo above is myself with the winner of the Sparkle Farkle Tournament, Steve Leonard, along with Zimm from Red Moose Winery (who kindly opened up for us that day to host the tournament).  Steve chose a bottle of Red Moose’s semi-sweet red wine called 38th Parallel for his winnings.

Here are a couple more photos of the fun from the tournament:

Sparkle Farkle Tournament 2017
I couldn’t resist giving the winner rabbit ears, meanwhile, making myself look ridiculous.

Sparkle Farkle Tournament 2017
The winner of the first Sparkle Farkle tournament, Bob, shows how happy he is that he didn’t win this year. Aww…better luck next year Bob!

Sparkle Farkle Tournament 2017
Speaking of Awww…after the tourny was over, I captured a quick shot of lovebirds, Judy and Gary chatting with Amanda.

While we were Farkle-ing, our construction crew was busy, busy, busy getting the foundation forms set up on the holiday so that they could pour concrete the next day. After most of the dust settled at the end of the week, I made a little video tour to show off the progress and document this stage. Give it a watch if you have a couple minutes:

This week our contractor is focussed on putting tar on the foundation walls and setting drain tile in place. It’s so hot that they start early and have to move to another cooler job by noon, but they are still making good headway.

I hope you all are enjoying the summer so far. I’ll be back again with more updates soon!

2016 Sparkle Farkle Winner!

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
Congratulations to Betty Rahner, the winner of this year’s Sparkle Farkle Tournament! As you can see, she won quickly and by a wide margin! Betty picked a bottle of Harvest Mist for her prize.

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
Everyone had a great time playing Farkle, getting to know each other, sharing food, and relaxing for the holiday here at Peaceful Bend.

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
Lots of good food to be had on the buffet line this year. Here’s Max, one of the finalists in the tournament, filling up his plate after a hard couple of games.

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
We always appreciate Pam’s enthusiasm, and even though she wasn’t this year’s winner she still felt like a champ by making it to the final round! 😀

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
Here’s Betty posing with Bob – the winner of our very first Sparkle Farkle tournament, held seven years ago. Bob and I made up for losing this year by dancing away our woes at the end of the afternoon. The wine told me I was good at dancing, but I assure you that Bob did not say the same thing!

2016 Sparkle Farkle Tournament
Bryce, a visiting Great Dane, watched as we all played Farkle. Bryce was probably wondering if anyone would notice that he was a couch potato for the afternoon!

During tournament play, the skies opened up and rained pretty much all afternoon, which made it nice to have the larger tasting room to accommodate everyone.  Though we still have trim to put up, the room really started to feel like home again after all the renovations.

Bryce the Great Dane would like some cheese and wine too!
At the very end of the afternoon, the sun came out and a few folks headed out onto the porch to enjoy a sip of wine before heading off to see fireworks. I loved this moment when Bryce put his chin onto the table and asked his owner if he could pretty please have a piece of cheese!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Monday to join us for our Sparkle Farkle Tournament. We had a delicious afternoon, and are looking forward to the next tournament already!

2016 Sparkle Farkle

Sparkle Farkle Tournament

Be sure to join us on Monday, July 4, 2016 for our annual Sparkle Farkle tournament.  Farkle is an easy dice game that you’ll love playing whether you’re brand-new or a veteran to the game!

Our tradition is for game players to bring a bit of food to share and gather sometime around 12:30-1pm.  Fill your plate, eat a bit, and chat for a few minutes while I figure out teams.  Then we’ll get started around 1pm (more than likely, a few minutes afterwards!).  If you can’t join until later in the afternoon, that’s fine – we’ll fit you in somewhere.  The winner of the tournament will receive a bottle of wine of their choice.

Come join us for a fun, relaxing afternoon with friends old and new!