Doing A Little Dreaming

Clyde has been spending time on google’s program called sketchup dreaming up the layout of a new building for production and entertainment here at Peaceful Bend.  Who knows what we’ll end up being able to do, but I thought you might like to see what our ideal building looks like at the moment:

Posted by Clyde Gill on Friday, January 6, 2017

As for layouts, here’s what we’re thinking for the top floor where the tasting room would be:

Possible new tasting room layout


And here’s the layout for the production area below the tasting room:

Possible layout for the production area

Of course, we’re still a long ways off from whether we could ever do this, but it’s good to dream, right?!?

Missouri is predicted to receive a bunch of freezing rain tomorrow and Saturday, so we are getting our chores done and hunkering down for the weekend. I hope you all are staying warm!