So Much To Update

Wine in the rebuild


Hi all!  So sorry to be absent for so long, especially because there has been soooo much that’s happened around here lately.  In the blink of an eye we’ve now got a framed building!

The framing crew started last week on Monday morning and by the end of the week, we had walls, walls, walls, and a subfloor.  Check out the video above for a peek at all the progress they had finished about half way through the week.

Framing the New Winery Building

Framing the New Winery Building
This week the crew placed all the trusses for the roof and is getting all the sheeting done.  Plus placing doors and windows!

Framing the New Winery Building
I’ve been cheerleading and trying not to get in the way too much with my camera or cause any extra headaches.  Both important jobs. 🙂

To say that this is making us excited is a big understatement.  I keep wanting to play the theme song to Rocky while running up and down the porch step of the cottage pumping my fists in the air like a mad woman.

When that urge comes on strong I try to remember important job #2 above. 🙂

Framing the New Winery Building

As thrilling as all this is, I have an even MORE exciting announcement tomorrow.  So come back and I’ll spill the beans.

In the meantime, check out more construction photos below!

Framing the New Winery Building
Here’s our contractor Gerald of On The Level Construction hooking up the roof sheeting bundles to a crane which lifts the bundles up into the building.

Framing the New Winery Building
Gerald brought in help to get everything done that he needs these last two weeks. His hunting buddies from S&S Construction in Kirksville, MO came all the way down to work on the building. Plus our neighbor Scotty and Gerald’s Dad, Daryl, all pitched in to help where they could.  In the photo above, Gerald is measuring( in the blue shirt), while Daryl and Scotty supervise Shaun’s work at the saw.

Framing the New Winery Building
A peek inside the framed up wine cellar.

Framing the New Winery Building
The view from behind the winery as the bundles go sailing out over the building. Nope. I wasn’t nervous. Not at all. I had full faith in that crane.

Framing the New Winery Building
Brandon directs where bundles are to be placed.

Framing the New Winery Building
The first roof truss being lifted into place.

Framing the New Winery Building
Gerald directs Brandon and Smoothie has they guide the first truss and get it fixed in its spot.

Framing the New Winery Building
The view from way down below the back of the winery as they fix that first truss in place. Gerald’s crewman Luke has joined them up on the step ladder.

Framing the New Winery Building
Back down on the ground, Daryl attaches the crane’s hooks to two trusses at a time.

Framing the New Winery Building
Someone told Scotty to go fly a kite. Hee hee, no I’m kidding. The line Scotty is holding is attached to a corner of the trusses and he makes sure that the corner he is holding is delivered to the correct spot of the roof as well as keeps the trusses from swaying around too much.

Framing the New Winery Building
Gerald jumps up to the top of the roof to help get the final trusses in place.

Framing the New Winery Building
Last truss!

Framing the New Winery Building
What a historic moment for Peaceful Bend! I’m so glad we could watch. And so utterly thankful that these guys aren’t afraid of heights. 😉

Be sure to check back tomorrow afternoon to hear the big news!

May Plans

Floor Plan for the new winery building

Hi all!  Well I’m back this month with lots of updates and better news than I shared last month.  The first bit of good news is that cleanup of the old winery site is slated for this week.  Here’s the dumpster that’s been brought in to hold all the ashes/metal/trash from the old site.  Hard to believe it will all fit in there, but the bin folks tell us it will, so we’ll believe them for now.

Secondly, after many evenings of trying to come up with the “perfect” structure to rebuild, we finally settled on the following layout for a new building which will be located closer to the road:

So that’s the upstairs and I just have to say – did you see all those bathrooms?!!!   🙂 That’s been a big request of mine from the get-go, so I’m glad we have lots of space for that amenity now.  Clyde’s big request was a loading dock.  He’s got his wishh too, locating one just below the back deck.

A big request from you all out there was food, so we are planning on installing a kitchen and providing some type of a menu for you when we re-open.

The downstairs is laid out with the same L-shape.  The larger section below the tasting/kitchen area will be dedicated to wine making, and the section below the storage/bathroom/office spaces will be for beer making.

Yes, we hope to make our own beer once we are back up and going again!

Winery Plan
The outside will be laid out to enjoy wine-gardening since we know you guys like spending time in the great outdoors when you swing by.  A covered front porch (above) and back deck will protect you from rain. Plus, we’ll have a large patio-style winegarden on the side of the building where we can enjoy our firepits and picnic tables.  The patio and back deck will have fantastic views of the sunsets over our hay field. I’m thinking I’ll want to enjoy thoses views with you when you visit!

Unless you want to be left alone. 🙁

So when is this all going to happen?  Well, I don’t quite have that answer yet.  Currently, Gerald is finalizing the bid for us, so I’m not sure when we’ll get started on the new building, but I’ll be sure to let you know here, on Facebook, and on Instagram when we do.  Also, as we get closer, we’ll host a live facebook ‘groundbreaking’ event, so keep an eye out for that and join us online when we go live.

That’s it for now, but I’m looking forward to hearing from you AND especially to when we can get together again.  I’ll be back soon – Cheers!