Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Table

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Clyde and I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving today.  We hope you’re plates are full, your hearts are warmed, and the wine is plentiful!

Our shed-teau is closed today and tomorrow, but will reopen on Saturday and Sunday this weekend starting at 11am each day.  We hope to see you and share a few Thanksgiving stories.  Cheers!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Planner

ThanksgivingPlannerAre you feeling overwhelmed with the thought of getting ready for Thanksgiving?  If so, I made a Thanksgiving planner to help you get organized and alleviate the stress of the big meal for you.  Print out the 3 pages, grab a glass of wine and spend a bit of time filling out the form.  Once you have all the dishes and tasks accounted for on these sheets, you’ll feel infinitely more capable to take on the holiday meal.

I  scanned copies of my own planner as an example for using the forms (ugh, and please excuse my horribly messy handwriting!): Thanksgiving Planner
This first page can be used for each meal that you are serving (or attending where you need to bring food along).  Fill out each box according to what you need to serve.  I also included a box for ‘decor’ so you can think ahead about what serving plates, linens, and other misc. items that need to be pulled from storage and readied for the big meal. As you can see, there is plenty of room in the margins for extra notes you may need to make.

Thanksgiving PlannerAnd of course, a shopping list!  I recommend looking at each box on your first sheet one by one, and filling out the items you need to purchase from the store in the lines on the shopping list.  You can see I separated out ‘basics’ from ‘specific items’ on the list.  Feel free to ignore this separation if you want.  I used the basics for items that would be used in several dishes, such as sugar and butter.  The specific items was where I listed the ingredients (and quantities) I would need to purchase for each individual dish. Thanksgiving Planner

Finally – and probably the most needed page for me – I have made an action item page to schedule out all the chores that need to happen.  I actually printed 2 of these so I could cover all my action items for the big meal (other items not shown here included when & who was shopping; making the flower arrangements, and cleaning service dishes/utensils).  This sheet will help you plan when each item needs to be started, and who is taking on that task.

Here’s is the link to download your own pdf file of this printable:

Thanksgiving Planner

I can’t thank all of you enough for making this year a wonderful one for me, and I just wanted to do a little something for you in return.  So I hope this helps you with your Thanksgiving dinner planning.

If nothing else, that glass of wine you sip while you fill out these forms will be relaxing! 🙂   Cheers!

Six Thanksgiving Recipes to Wine About

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (Yay! My favorite holiday!) so I wanted to share a few thanksgiving recipes from our archives that you can use this year to make the holiday even more delicious.

Pear and Pomegranate SangriaWhile folks are gathering for dinner, serve this refreshing Pear and Pomegranate Sangria. Not only does it look festive, but it also uses seasonal fruits that are readily available. And stay tuned to the blog this month, as I have a few more wine cocktail ideas coming up for you to consider. Butternut Squash Soup

Do you like to serve soup at Thanksgiving? I admit that we are not in that tradition ourselves, but I know several people do like to start out with something light. Our Butternut Squash soup is not only light, but healthy too!

Coup King Turkey StuffingWhat would Thanksgiving be without stuffing? Hearty and comforting, our Coup King turkey stuffing brings a tangy twist to this traditional dish. Huzzah Cranberry Wine Sauce

Cranberry sauce made from scratch has been a tradition in our family since I can remember. Clyde often was served the canned variety, but he happily made the switch when we started making Thanksgiving dinner ourselves. This twist is made using our Huzzah Valley, which I’m currently out of, however, the Sweet River White would make a delicious substitution in the recipe.

Autumn Vegetable MedleyIf you’d like a colorful side dish outside of the normal mashed potatoes, try this recipe for an Autumn Vegetable Medley. Whumpkin Pie

And of course I couldn’t forget about dessert. Our version of pumpkin pie uses Whittenburg wine, so we’ve affectionately renamed it, Whumpkin Pie. No matter what you call this pie, it’s delicious!

I hope one of these recipes makes it onto your dinner table this year. The tasting room is closed on Thanksgiving day, but we will be open on Friday. In fact throughout the weekend after Thanksgiving we are hosting our Customer Appreciation Days. When you come by the winery, you’ll enjoy a new wine release, food samples, flash sales, and time spent with friends in a relaxing atmosphere. Saturday we have a few extra surprises in store for Small Business Saturday, so head out to the country and join us for an afternoon.