Last Weekend Might Have Gone To The Dogs

Amanda shakes Pepe's paw

Pepe made the rounds again this past weekend as everyone enjoyed the afternoon in our makeshift outdoor tasting room.  I think he’s trying to tell Amanda where the treat box is located!

Live music provided by Adam Yount

Adam Yount kept everyone entertained throughout the afternoon.  This guitar has been fixed up recently, but was only used sparingly on Saturday.  However, Adam kept his other guitar smokin’ all day!

Mike and Robin brought two of their great danes to enjoy the music.  Their brindle great dane, Bryce, found everything very relaxing!

While Bryce slept, our guests Amanda and Steve were surrounded by other dogs.  Pepe’s in the chair, and Maggie is at Steve’s feet, while Steve’s own husky, Mishka, surveys the crowd.  You just never knew when dog treats would appear!

This group of folks come every year

This group visits us every year while they take an annual camping trip in the area.  They were getting in the Halloween spirit while we got the front porch ready at the beginning of the day.

And one final peek at the day that a customer took with his drone.  Once he gets up there, the view is amazing!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us this weekend!  We will do it all over again this coming Saturday, when we will host Mark Gordon from 2-5pm.  If you haven’t taken a break yet this fall, then be sure to come out and enjoy the afternoon with us!

Concert Recap: David Grier

David Grier in concert at Peaceful Bend Vineyard
Our Friday Folk series continued this past Friday with a performance by the masterful David Grier.  David drove in from Nashville to play in our wine cellar for an incomparable solo performance. It’s been several years since we’ve had the chance to listen to David down here, and we were still impressed with his music, stage presence, and quick wit.

This video shows off not only David’s amazing technical abilities, but also his sense of play with the old-time bluegrass songs. If you skip forward to just after the 1 minute mark on the video, you can see him start to play Soldiers Joy with just one finger.  He even uses just his pinky finger at one point!

David Grier in concert at Peaceful Bend Vineyard
David has fun telling jokes in between songs, interacting with the audience with wit and heart. After playing a new song called missing you, an audience member asked ‘So what was her name?’ David replied without hesitation: ‘lost my keys’. Needless to say, he had us all laughing!

David Grier in concert at Peaceful Bend Vineyard
After the laughs though, David takes a quietly intense approach to his art, and spun a web of sound around the audience that transported us out of the cellar and down to the sea, or to the quiet moments of an empty house, or to a bluegrass classic without breaking a sweat.

David Grier in concert at Peaceful Bend Vineyard
David played two sets and took time to visit with anyone that wanted to chat during the intermission as well as after the concert. He was incredibly approachable, and I talked with several audience members afterwards that appreciated his openness.

Katie model's David's promo t-shirt
He showed incredible patience with me before the concert started when he tried to teach me poker.  So of course, I had to model his whimsical t-shirts after the concert finished (I mean, what better way to thank someone for putting up with the fact that you can’t figure out a straight from a flush, right?). Thanks to Pam Ray for snapping this shot of us!

David Grier in concert at Peaceful Bend Vineyard
We truly appreciated everyone that came out to enjoy the concert Friday night. We hope you enjoyed the music as much as we did and can come back for another concert soon. Cheers!

2016 Sparkle Farkle

Sparkle Farkle Tournament

Be sure to join us on Monday, July 4, 2016 for our annual Sparkle Farkle tournament.  Farkle is an easy dice game that you’ll love playing whether you’re brand-new or a veteran to the game!

Our tradition is for game players to bring a bit of food to share and gather sometime around 12:30-1pm.  Fill your plate, eat a bit, and chat for a few minutes while I figure out teams.  Then we’ll get started around 1pm (more than likely, a few minutes afterwards!).  If you can’t join until later in the afternoon, that’s fine – we’ll fit you in somewhere.  The winner of the tournament will receive a bottle of wine of their choice.

Come join us for a fun, relaxing afternoon with friends old and new!