Gearing Up

First Full Moon of 2018 over the new winery building

Wow!  It’s 2018, and things are really looking up here at Peaceful Bend.  I find myself trying to organize a bunch of disparate things that felt like there would be oodles of time to deal with.

First Full Moon of 2018 over the new winery building

Except, we’ll be moving into the new building sometime in March and that’s not very far off!

So I’ve spent the first week of the year filing, making to-do lists, planning, clean up, and generally trying to get organized.  Nothing like a looming deadline to get motivated.

One of my intentions early this year is to get back to regularly updating the website.  I’m sure I’ll have lots to report as things are progressing rapidly around here.  In addition, I’m trying out soup recipes this weekend to find something I can bring to you on the blog this month, plus I’m looking around at area businesses to feature in a bid to revive the ‘Just Up The Road’ series here.

Clyde mentioned that he’ll have a firepit going on Saturday. So layer up, swing on by the shed-teau to fill a glass with mulled wine, and enjoy a little winter mini-festival with us!  Cheers!

Happy Holidays!

Clyde and I wish you the very happiest of holidays this year!

Happy Holidays from Peaceful Bend graphic

We feel blessed to have the chance rebuild the winery and bring it back to you better than ever in 2018.  May everyone enjoy a peaceful and joyful holiday.  Cheers!

P.S. – The shed-teau is closed on Christmas & New Year’s eves, but we are open for the regular hours outside of those two days.  Hope to raise a glass with you soon!

Siding the New Winery

Siding installed on front of new winery

Hi everyone!  So sorry to be so long with updates.  Deer season and Thanksgiving slowed everything down around here, but the last couple of weeks, lots of stuff has been happening with the new building.

installing siding on the new winery

The most visible is that the siding is being installed.  The crew is still working on the side and the back of the building today, but they worked hard yesterday and the day before on the front of the building.

Installing siding on the new winery

Once again, I’m amazed by how easily these guys can work on top of a ladder!

Siding installed on front of new winery

So far, so good, and this only makes us more excited to be in the new building permanently.

In less showy, but still important progress news: the HVAC folks are working on heating & air, while the plumber has worked on installing pipes for water.  Plus Clyde has met with the well digger, so that process is underway.  It’s so fun to have all this progress here at the end of the year!

interim tasting room update

Meanwhile, we are enjoying the space in our ‘shed-teau’.  We have a few tables set up inside, and I’ll be open Friday and Saturday this weekend (Dec. 22 & 23) from 11am to 5.  We’ll be closed on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but otherwise I’ll stick to the temporary hours.  Of course, feel free to call and make an appointment outside of those hours too!