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Around Here in Late July….

Clyde is inspecting his garden of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Mostly we are getting cucumbers. Lots and lots of cucumbers! I made a quick bread out of cucumbers yesterday, and made yet another batch of tzatziki that we gobbled up quickly. Plus we’ve made numerous batches of cucumber and onion salad.

And still they grow! We also expect to be inundated with tomatoes at some point. Lots of green tomatoes, but nothing is showing signs of turning red yet. Guess we’ll be make pickles and relish while we wait for the tomaters!

And then that happened yesterday morning. Our neighbor’s cow had gotten loose looking for her calf, and she had apparently stopped to eat some grass in our field. Our neighbor ended up tying her to the tree at the end of our driveway so he could go home and get a cattle trailer to haul her back home again. She caused a few grins as the folks that live on our road went to work!

Thanks for checking in with us today. Do you have any lost cattle stories you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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2014 Cornhole Champions

CornholeWinnersSaturday evening we held a Cornhole Tournament and a huge congratulations go out to our neighbor Scott Lucas for winning the tournament!  He chose a bottle of 2010 Norton for his prize.  He was also kind enough to create the bracket for us, and graciously allowed his partner to quit half-way through the tournament.  I ended up substituting for his partner, so I’m a winner too! :)

CornholeKatieThere is my champion Cornhole form (which actually made me a double loser on my original team).

CornholeDiane2There were 8 teams (2 people per team) for the tournament plus lots of folks that came out to cheer the players on, enjoy the beautiful weather, and drink some wine.  We so appreciated everyone who came by!

CornholeGeraldCornholeCrystalI also owe a huge thanks to Gerald and Crystal over at Murphy’s Place Vacation Cabins for lending us their cornhole boards for the tournament.  They also played, helped keep score, and teach new-comers how to play.  The championship round ended up to be Scott and myself against Crystal (pictured above) and Barb (below).

CornholeBarbBarb received this Peaceful Bend t-shirt for winning 2nd place.  I still have to catch up with Crystal to give her a t-shirt, so I don’t have a picture to show you.  You can see more photos of the tournament fun over on our facebook page here.

Thanks again to everyone who came out – Clyde and I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did!  Cheers!

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Our Phoenix

Spontaneously combusted tractor
That was the scene we woke up to back in May. Both tractors, not in flames anymore and completely burned up. What a surreal day that was! Fortunately we were not hurt, plus the buildings and most of the other equipment around these tractors were fine. But it was still a shock, as you can imagine. Unfortunately we never found out just how it happened.

New Mahindra Tractor
But yesterday, after major help from my parents, we were able to get a new tractor here. Here’s Clyde trying out his new Mahindra 4530. Clyde is thinking of naming it Phoenix, in honor of the circumstances. The pretty red color is appropriate for that name, don’t you think?

New Mahindra Tractor
Clyde went right out and hauled a tank from the field to test the tractor’s capabilities. The real test will come during harvest though when we have to lift a ton of grapes up to the top of the bin dumper. That’s when we’ll really see what this phoenix is made of, but for now, I’m happy Clyde has a right arm again. :)

And now I’m off to make him go to work!

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