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2014 Wine & Woof Festival Highlights

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
Thank you so much to everyone who came out to enjoy the 1st Wine & Woof Festival! We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a more delightful mix of people & pooches! Saturday turned out to be the busy day since Sunday was Easter, so here are a few highlights of all the activities on Saturday.

2014 Wine & Woof Fest highlights
The day started out with a talk about pet massage given by licensed massage therapist Diane Engelsdorfer. Pepe quickly volunteered to be worked on, while Mack & Bella (English Bulldogs) relaxed in the shade under the table. I didn’t have a chance to listen in to the talk, so I’ve ruthlessly stolen the photo above from my neighbor Scott (thanks!).  :)

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
After Diane’s talk finished, everyone loaded up for a hay wagon ride over to Murphy’s Place. Here you can see Scott’s black lab Maggie is eagerly looking forward to the fun.

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
Kraus, the German Sheppard, was not quite as sure about the whole idea though, so he stayed on his human’s lap during the ride!

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
Once over at Murphy’s Place, Crystal put on a show with three of her dogs to exhibit their herding abilities with her goats.

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
Crystal has an Australian kelpie (top photo), a boarder collie (not pictured), and a hairy mouth heeler (bottom photo) that all help her with the livestock on her farm.

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
Humans and doggies alike enjoyed watching Ember, Tag, and Shade all run the goats around the field. I’m not sure the goats enjoyed it as much though!

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
Crystal’s dogs all ran over to say hi to the newcomers as one point or another. I wonder how many sniffs were going on throughout the afternoon! In the photo above, Zog (behind the fence) and Ember both look interested in whatever Crystal has to say.

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
Just to give you a taste of the cuteness that is coming up this weekend, Crystal’s mother-in-law brought out the twin goats that were born last week for people to hold. If you would like a chance to play with a few baby goats too, come on out to the winery on the April 26, 2014. We’ll be doing more hay rides to visit the babies and I’ll have goat cheese & wine pairings available in the tasting room. It’ll be a great day out with your families! If it’s raining, we’ll have the goats here at the winery instead, so you’ll have a chance to pet the goats no matter what the weather throws our way. Check out our events page here for more details.

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
These bulldogs were so sweet. Mack is the 9-year-old on the left,  and Bella, on the right, is almost three. They tied for my un-official award for best tongue pictures of the day. :)

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
Once back at the winery, folks relaxed to live music performed by Erika May, ate lunch, and had me take a few pet portraits. Then it was time for the doggie costume contest! And before I bring you the winners, I do want to say thanks to Flint’s Country Store for providing us with poles for the agility course, and several treats for the costume contest winners!

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
Third place in the contest went to Maggie for her “Dog in Black” costume. She looks like she’s ready to take on an alien invasion in those glasses. Maggie received a variety of dog snacks and as you can see, she is licking her lips in anticipation!

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
Second place was awarded to Zog Young who was dressed up as a rock ‘n roll dog. He won a bag of Taste of the Wild dog food. Looks like Zog was ready to dig right into his winnings!

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
First place went to Chuckie, a shih tzu dressed up in a timely Easter Surprise outfit! Chuckie won a gift basket of treats and supplies that he and his owners will appreciate. My thanks to our neighbor Sandy Scott who judged the contest as well as watched the salesroom while I ran around taking photos!

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
After the music finished, Zog went back to work performing his ‘bedtime’ routine for festival-goers. He picked up toys, brushed his teeth, got his pillow, and even took care of his human Mary when she sneezed! The kids enjoyed watching Zog, and he graciously paws-tographed his book Zog the Dog (available here) for anyone who wanted a copy.

2014 Wine & Woof Fest Highlights
After everything finished for the afternoon I went up to the agility course with Zog and Mary where I took this shot of the performer posing on top of the wine barrel jump. Looks like Zog and Pepe have something in common!

I’d like to say thanks also to everyone who helped put on this fantastic afternoon.  But most especially to my partner-in-crime, Crystal, who dreamed up the whole idea of a doggie day at the winery in the first place! I hope everyone who came had a great time here and that all who are reading have enjoyed this peek at the highlights of the day.  Cheers!

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Wine & Woof Festival Agility Course for Dogs

I am soooo excited for tomorrow’s start to the Wine and Woof Festival out here!  Crystal from Murphy’s Place and I spent the morning setting up our version of an agility course for you all to try out with your pooches.  We had so much fun getting it all ready to go and imagining all the fun that the doggies will have romping around, over, and under the obstacles!  I hope you give it a try with your pooch.  I just had to share a few pictures of our trials with you all.


Crystal brought over her chihuahua, Paco, to help test out the course.  He liked the balance board! Pepe joined in too, but Maggie?


Well, as you can see, not so much! :)  Has a dog’s expression ever said “Yeah, right, like I’m gonna do that, sistah,” like Maggie’s expression does here?  I’d like to say the balance board wasn’t her thing, but neither was anything else.  Oh well.  Old dogs and all that.

winery-agility-course-4Paco loved the tunnels on the course.  He took to the ‘closed tunnel’ in no time flat.  Dogs have a hard time going through something that they can’t see through, so this one needed just a bit of encouraging.  Once Paco got through the first time, he was set to go.  Pepe – well, not so much.  He loved that we were on the ground playing with him, but never did go in the closed tunnel.

winery-agility-course-2Pepe did master the hoop jump though.  I think Crystal had about as much fun encouraging the dogs through the obstacles as the doggies did running the course!  This hoop jump we made to slide up and down the poles, so it can be set higher or lower, depending on the dog.

winery-agility-course-1While our dogs are too big for the hay tunnel, Paco is the perfect size to fit through.  It looks like he is having a blast!

winery-agility-course-3And finally, here is Pepe trying out the barrel ‘jump’.  Which to Pepe meant jump up and sit on top. That works too!

I hope you can come out and try the agility course for yourselves this weekend – or just watch someone else give it a whirl.  The Wine & Woof festival is open to everyone, so even if you don’t have a dog, come on out and enjoy all the activities anyways.

Crystal will be showing off a few of her own dogs during a herding demonstration, so be sure to say that you saw her online! The hay ride over to the herding demo starts at 2pm.  And don’t forget about the dog massage tips at noon here at the winery.  Plus we’ll have live music from 3-5:30 and a dog costume contest at 4pm.  For more information, click on over to our events page here.  Cheers!


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Wine & Woof Festival: New Event Added

We’ve added a trick dog routine on Saturday afternoon at 5:30pm on April 19, 2014.  Come see Zog the Dog perform his ‘bedtime’ routine.  He has his own book out too, so you can have him ‘paws-tograph’ your copy while you’re here!

Here’s the rest of the information for the weekend:

2014 Wine and Woof Flyer

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