The Cayuga White arrived safely!

truckload.jpg   unstrapping.jpg   jimandmike.jpg Use your browser’s back button to come back after taking a closer look.

These big bins hold approximately 1 ton each, and we received about 12 tons of grapes Saturday evening.  That’s a truckload!  The middle pic is Clyde and Jeff taking the first straps off the truck in preparation of unloading the truck.  In the last pic you see our friend Matthew talking to Mike (blue shirt) the truck driver, and Jim who is the nephew of the grape grower (and by the way, we do not claim any affiliation or condonement of the other beverage being advertised on Jim’s shirt 🙂 ). 

Mike & Jim came by on Friday to pick up all these bins from us, then drove to Fulton to help pick all morning Saturday.  It was a long day for them, so they both stayed the night.  Matthew took his grapes and went home though.  We had lots of adventures Saturday and Sunday, so stay tuned and I’ll post more pics tomorrow.  For now, I need a nap.  Three nights of not sleeping has caught up to me.  Cheers!

While we are waiting

for the Cayuga White grapes to arrive this evening, Clyde stayed busy setting up his new tanks in the cellar.  This morning he rented a forklift for the weekend, and has put it to use right away.  Here’s a few pics of getting these tanks in our cellar door:

That’s Bob holding the tank down on the forklift there.  Clyde’s driving. 

Lifting the tank up….these tanks are not terribly heavy; just awkward!

And the tank is safely upright inside our cellar!  These tanks will hold 530 gallons when they are full, and the really neat thing about them is that they are “variable capacity” tanks.  They have a “floating” lid and if the tank isn’t completely full, the lid is lowered to the height of the liquid, and viola!  It’s almost like having 530 tanks for the price of one – hah! 

Tomorrow’s the big crush day, and I hope, hope, hope to post by 5pm or so.  But it might be Monday before I get back to the blog.  All good thoughts for a smooth and quick crush will be highly appreciated! Cheers!

Vineyard visits

I went out to see the Green’s vineyard this morning.  It was a great day, and I realized that I haven’t been hiking through a vineyard for a long time.  Took some samples of his vignoles so we have an idea of how they are ripening.  Also took pics of the catawba for some fun!  Here’s the results of this mornings’ work:

Well, not so appetizing looking, I know.  I tested for sugar, pH and acidity.  These grapes were quite sweet at 25% sugar in the juice.  This grower will look to harvest next weekend. 

Meanwhile we continue to prep for Sunday morning.  Had no troubles getting the equipment off of the semitruck yesterday, but in the process of taking the tanks to the cellar, our forklift’s front tire went flat.  So one repair and a few phone calls around to find out if we can rent a forklift nearby, we are back on track again.  It wouldn’t be harvest if it wasn’t crazy around here!  Hope to see you soon.  Cheers!