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TGIF Randomness

Happy Friday everyone!  I’ve got a few random notes for you as we wind up the week. We have a beautiful day here at Peaceful Bend today, but I understand that Sunday might get a bit cold and damp.  I’ll be sure to have a pot of hot mulled wine on the stove to keep […]
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Norton Chocolate Cheesecake

I’m sorry to ruin any diet plans you had this week, but this Norton chocolate cheesecake recipe idea has been worming it’s way through my brain all week, so I had to test it out and share.  One taste of this deliciousness though, and you’ll forgive me.  Anything. Yep, it’s that good. There are a […]
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Just Up the Road: Bem General

Our ‘Just Up The Road’ series features nearby businesses and attractions that we love. We’ll try to show a unique side of these places that aren’t necessarily highlighted on websites or in brochures. I hope you enjoy these peeks into our neighborhood, and can plan to visit one of these spots in addition to your […]
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