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2014 Cornhole Champions

Saturday evening we held a Cornhole Tournament and a huge congratulations go out to our neighbor Scott Lucas for winning the tournament!  He chose a bottle of 2010 Norton for his prize.  He was also kind enough to create the bracket for us, and graciously allowed his partner to quit half-way through the tournament.  I […]
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Our Phoenix

That was the scene we woke up to back in May. Both tractors, not in flames anymore and completely burned up. What a surreal day that was! Fortunately we were not hurt, plus the buildings and most of the other equipment around these tractors were fine. But it was still a shock, as you can […]
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Breaking More Wine and Food Pairing Rules

Hey, remember last week when I got all rebellious and broke my wine pairing rule of ‘red wines pair with dark colored foods’? Well, this week the wild blackberries started ripening so now I’m breaking the other part of that rule. White wine really can go with a dark food. Especially if that dark food […]
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